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Lifeline-ID : Speaks When You Can't

As some of you may be aware, Team 2ndSkin recently went into collaboration with Lifeline-ID to be part of the team. Each of us got a Lifeline-ID and this was the official announcement on the Team's blog here
Lifeline-ID Pro
Quick Introduction
Before the availability of Lifeline-ID, the closest best option the Malaysians could get is from an US company known as RoadID. I have one from RoadID given to me by my wife. The cost to own one is negated by the cost of courier; unless you buy in bulk with friends to keep the cost low. 
The watch like buckle of Lifeline-ID Pro
A quick introduction of Lifeline-ID. They currently have four products. 
The products
I've chosen the Lifeline Pro in yellow and will buy a black band as spare for the more corporate look/function.
Came with full length, cut to fit
 Here is how it looked like with specific photos as how it would buckle and secure itself to your hand. Think of it as a watch, minus the watch face.
Buckle opened. Note the "line" on the left, that is the indention or guide for custom fitting
One tip for fitting is to place one finger we you place the strap over your wrist. Get someone to help you with it. If you cut too short, you will end up having to buy a spare bracelet. My suggestion is to cut it gradually until you are comfortable with the fitting. Leave 1 finger space or 2-fingers width for comfort. 
Buckling is simple. Bring the clasp together
Once this is secure, close the other clasp onto the top
double locked and secured
To open, reverse the process and press the small little button on both side of the clasp to release it. 
The Pro is RM60 inclusive of delivery in Peninsular Malaysia (currently only ship in Malaysia). Compared to the competitor, it will cost (Wrist ID Elite) USD29.99 or about RM96 (per average exchange rates) not including delivery. What Lifeline-ID loses out is the choices of color (15 color from RoadID vs 4 from Lifeline-ID Pro). However, the popular color is available which is black, yellow, blue and red. 
The other choices available are definitely competitively priced compared to the RoadID versions. You can hop over to the website to check it yourself to verify. 
The purpose of this ID is to provide first responder or public that may find you (hopefully not) unconcious and you could not speak or voice out your condition. Details such as your name, blood type, medical allergies, medications, SOS number/s etc. It is your choice to share the info where you feel would be most beneficial.
Lifeline-ID allows 6-lines of data, with each line up to 25 characters, space inclusive. So, you may want to maximise the space allocated. The details are lazer etched and technically would not come off unless you deliberately scrap it off.
Some tips on what to put
And this was what I placed on mine. Some details removed for privacy.
Blessed with no medical complication or allergy
*additional tips : do not put names of your emergency contact as it need to be as discreet as possible in case you misplace your straps and someone found it to extort your SOS contacts. However, this is totally up to you.
Real Usage
I got my Pro two days before Ironman Malaysia and I immediately used it to gauge how suitable it will be on race day. While the information is clearly available by the organiser, there may be chances that spectators or first responder NOT knowing your condition should you collapse during the race or was clipped by moving vehicles. So, I decided to wear the Pro and the yet to be launched Helmet-ID.
With one of my biggest fan. Notice the yellow band that is the Lifeline-ID
Did it bother me during the whole 226km? I would say no. I hardly realised it was there. It did not add extra drag on the swim more than my Garmin 910xt on my left wrist. It did not hinder my movement on the bike or aerotuck position and it definitely did not bother me on the run-walk-crawl at the end.
The race-band were more irritating that the Lifeline-ID to be honest!
2 Weeks usage
The concern that some may have is that the band will smell due to sweat or discolor/dirty due to exposure to elements. Because the Pro is silicon based, it doesn't have the allergic reaction some may have to latex. It doesn't smell as it is washable and very soft, lending to the comfort. I wore it to service my bike and to clean the home, including doing dishes and washing the toilet. Exposed to chemicals and there was no discoloration. One thing I notice is that the engraved plate and the buckle were more stratch resistance compared to RoadID, which sort of gotten pretty scratched up after a week of usage (then). 
Team 2ndSkin at Ironman Malaysia
See Them At SCKLM 2014 Race Expo
Interested to see these products up close and even make your order? Head over to SCKLM Race Expo From (9th- 11th Oct) Thursday and Friday (11am-8pm) and Saturday (10am-6pm). It is at the basement of Dataran Merdeka. See you all there!
Otherwise, visit them at their website online store here : www.lifeline-id.com
"Speaks For You When You Can't"

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