Monday, June 01, 2015

Press Release : James Bond 007 For Women Launched


Caterina Murino 
James Bond 007 fragrances announce the launch of their female line with 007 for Women, a new exciting moment for Bond fans worldwide.  The powerful female counterpart to the three existing male fragrances in the 007 collection was inspired by the iconic women found in Bond’s seductive and daring world.

007 for Women is ‘dangerously seductive’. An intoxicating combination of intellect and enigmatic allure, the Bond Woman’s personality enchants everyone she meets. Eloquent, witty, courageous and uncommonly beautiful, her captivating charm is desirable and dangerous in equal measure that no man – not even James Bond - can resist her!

Many iconic actresses have shaped the Bond film world over the years, interpreting the multifaceted character of the Bond Woman with impeccable savoir-faire and inspiring generations of women around the world.  Caterina Murino in her role as Solange in 2006’s critically acclaimed Casino Royale, proves that she has a natural ability to portray the strength and intrigue of the modern Bond Woman; making Caterina the perfect ambassador for the 007 for Women fragrance.

Her exquisite black silk-satin gown takes great prominence in the campaign. Designed exclusively by award-winning 007 costume designer Lindy Hemming, it is seen flowing over Caterina’s body and draped low at the back, enhancing the fine game of seduction. The dress also features black Swarovski beading as a stylistic reference to the perfume flacon’s style cues.
Caterine - the new face for James Bond 007 for Women
The fragrance is a modern interpretation of an oriental fragrance. Its appeal lies in its rich, strong and tenacious character, projecting a sense of effortless elegance, strong personality and the olfactive dream of escaping to another world.

Dark yet feminine ingredients convey an air of thrilling intimacy.  An initial burst of spicy Black Pepper enveloped in Rose Milk ignites an intriguing paradox of danger and sensuality.  Alongside this, the familiar fruity character of Blackberry is combined with the feminine softness of White Floral Jasmine.  The rich, sensual drydown, which is the key to any Oriental signature is driven by Black Vanilla and tantalizing White Musk, with a touch of elegant Cedarwood.  

The flacon is a highly reflective dark glass  mirroring the Bond Woman contradictory characteristics. 

The diamond-cut pattern on the bottle surface signals an evolution from the texture of the original male Signature bottle, taking in rounded, feminine cues. Multifaceted planes create a kaleidoscopic effect on the bottle’s surface, reminiscent of  imagery seen in the opening sequences of classic Bond films as well as in the fragrance TV campaign ad.

The shapely collar of the bottle recalls a woman’s seductive décolleté, marked with a contrasting rose gold trim.
Eau de Parfum
Available in May 2015 at perfumeries and leading department stores.

Eau de Parfum : 30 ml (RM100), 50 ml (RM140), 75 ml (RM180)
Body Lotion: 150 ml (RM40)
Body Lotion

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