Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Zurich True Love Contest

To what extent you will go to protect your true love? Zurich believes that everyone would go the distance to protect the ones (or things) that they truly love. With that in mind Zurich sent me a package (sort of a direct marketing or non-print approach) for me to express my version of "true love".
 The package arrived when I was somewhere between Gua Musang and Kuala Lumpur. I had not expected it to be a box, thought it will be more of a series of brochures and explanation on their services as an insurance provider (more of this later in the post).
So as the instruction was " to carefully" unwrap the box, it was of course done with a lot of "love". One thing I learnt over the years of working is to take instructions correctly and its easy because I am trained as an engineer too (own up, who here always ditch product manuals or instructions).
So when I un-tie the blue ribbon, I found myself staring at something like a medical play set. " oh great!, they knew one of my ambitions was to be a doctor", I thought to myself. But of course that would be silly to say the least as I am sure other bloggers would had received the same. So what was in the package?
A set of plasters, bubble wrap, bandage, gloves, respiratory mask and a raincoat
Like really? I am to articulate my True Love based on these? They last time I had to go through this was last month when I was given a can and an orange, and was asked to sell this to a bunch of colleagues on how much I believe the items (can and orange) will change the world.

This is too easy.

So, I guess symbolically these items are mainly to protect your love ones; the plasters and bandage may refers to the medical need. The gloves as a barrier to harmful things, the raincoat for rainy (cash strap?) days, the bubble wrap to cushion a fragile things, and well the mask to wear maybe to protect others when you sneeze?

I get the idea. But as my True Love can't be encapsulated in the physical items above (because they come in height of 163cm, 125cm and 122cm), these items given by Zurich serves as a reminder and refocus that my True Love as the people I love and hold dearly - My family.
Along in the pack is a folder that has insurance services or products provided by Zurich. That is more relevant in today's blog entry, tying back to Zurich as a well-known insurance provider. It has piqued my interest and had me looking at Zurich's website to understand what they have on offer. They have products from General Insurance to Life Insurance, including Financial Lines and Investment-Linked policies.

Inline with this campaign, Zurich launched their #TrueLove (yes, hastag TrueLove) campaign on their Facebook page and has prizes of RM5,000 for selected #TrueLove stories (video and writing). Contest will close this Saturday May 24, 2015 and this is a call for entries.

The Tristupe #TrueLove Contest
In the package was also a power bank and a coffee chain card (i assume with preloaded value) which I believe are meant for me for taking sharing this write up (Thank you Zurich!)
And because I love you dear readers so much, I am sharing the power bank with ONE lucky reader that leave their version of #TrueLove in my Facebook page comment (it also has to be crossed posted to the Zurich #TrueLove Facebook (follow the instructions please) and please provide your posting URL in Zurich Facebook page for verification for me). Show me some love by "Like" my page if you have not done so. 
The Coffee card? Sorry, as that will be used with my #TrueLove for an outing to the local store. They deserves it more than I do, ;-)

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