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Skechers GoMeb Speed3 Review

GoMeb Speed3 in Red-Blue and Silver. Best color for this model in my opinion. Photo by Chan Jun Shen
#HaveAFastDay  - as Skechers would tell you and made more relevant with the introduction of GoMeb Speed 3 (shorten to GS3 in this review). The GoMeb Speed series is Skechers' version of racing flat. They are light, fast and the color promises you will always be seen. The first generation GoMeb Speed was reviewed here and the Limited Edition GoMeb Speed2 (that is still in it's box), is here. GoSpeed3 (GS3) remains to be a shoe in the market that has been made specifically for a world class athlete (Meb) and the GoSpeed3 (GS3) mimic the same shoe he wore for Boston 2014.
GoMeb Speed 2 Limited Edition 
The 3rd Generation or the GS3 has evolved to be a much more softer and less stiff racing flat. Since then the carbon plate has been replaced with Dupont Hytrel and now with Dupont Delrin. Both are classified as thermoplastic materials with Hytrel offering "Flexibility" and Delrin giving "Stiffness". 
From DuPont's website, it is known that Delrin has the strength of metal while remaining lightweight. 
Redesigned and Re-Engineered upper
First Impression
As some of you that follow this blog would know, I've worn the original GoSpeedMeb and love the responsiveness of the shoe. Skechers surprises by providing a racing flat that are not only minimalistic but cushioned. This is not an usual attribute of a racing flat as they are not meant to be worn for extended time (I use "time" as some people run way faster for the same amount of distance ;)). 
Similar to the two previous iteration, the challenge with a lightweight minimalist racer is to be able to provide sufficient structure and support to the upper of the shoe. 
In the GS3, there is significant material update compared to the other two iteration. The upper has significantly more fused overlay and re-designed mesh. This has lend support and provide a snug fit without compromising flexibility of the GS3. 
Airy top
If you take notice, the upper mesh was engineered in such way that it provide more ventilation that all previous models and better than what I can recall for the other GoRunRide model. This trend continues with the tongue (not secured or stitched to the shoe) where you will notice significant "transparency" when seen against brighter background.
No More Hot Upper
Not sewn down
Internally the smooth stitching continue to allow me to wear them without socks. The insole is not removable though I secretly wished I could remove it for some customised fitting. However, I've noticed it to be thin enough not to be bothersome and good enough for a barefoot/sockless use.   
Non-removable insole and notice the smooth stitching internally
Up close of the heel cup, I can't help but to notice that the material was very "microfiber" like. This shoe is indeed designed for sockless wear/usage. One thing I've noticed is that the heel cup appear to be stiffer than the other GoSpeed. Perhaps this could be a hit or miss for some that may prefer softer/stiffer heel cup. For me, I am impartial as the heel cup is (importantly) low enough not to cause any chaffing to the Achilles area.
Microfiber heel cup?
Next up is the sole. The heart of the GS3 has been changed significantly. To start with, the material used (still branded as Resalyte) is now softer but still retain the responsiveness of the previous version. The pattern of the sole is re-designed with two of the pods repositioned further towards the heel instead of bunching it up in the middle where the (now) Delrin plate is.
One thing to note is that the rubber pods are significantly firmer than the white Resalyte and this provide feedback when you wear it the first time. On the GS3, i immediately felt the pod nearer to my heel. The Pods are also moved further up to the front as well, which allow me to feel when I take off or land midfoot-take off. The transition between feet strike and taking off felt different than the original GoSpeed.
No less than 150km clocked since December 2014.
From the side view, the GS3 now has the new Skechers Logo (S) in a more dynamic form and the 3-Chevron (arrow) pointing forward gives the shoe a "fast look".  Color coordination on the pair i received (this is a sample pair, not production pair) is the Blue-Green combo and do not have the size indicator. 
#HaveAFastDay  -take note the heel cup and the front is curved upwards

This pair weigh in at about 220grams for US11, which runs pretty close to the official weight of 233grams for US11. Give and take the error due to me using an analog scale and the fact that I weigh this only recently (at approximately 150km mileage). No photos of the weighing in as I did not take any. 
The heel cup is "off" the ground, minimising the potential of heel-striking.
The drop for the GS3 is at 4mm with 18mm back and 14mm front. I love the fit where the mid-part hugs my arches without biting into it and that this version of GS3 is wider at the toe area, allowing the toes a little more space than the previous two version to splay when landing. However, it is still snuggier compared to the roomier GoRun and GoRunRide; but there are significantly more room in this iteration.
On The Road
Good snug fit and responsive sole that provides feedback. Lightweight and sockless use. You run fast in these - if not you will feel fast running in them. Hot spot was felt when new on the inner big-toe area likely due to unbroken in material/coating internally. After the first run, the hot spot was not noticed anymore. 
Good grip on uneven tarmac
To a certain extend, I felt the GS3 to be a stiffer version of GoRun4 - I have been interchanging this two shoes during my travel and to be used for run training. 
Transitioning was smooth with noticeable pod on the heel if i land heel first

Note: This pair of Skechers GoMeb Speed3 is sponsored by Skechers Malaysia via collaboration with 2ndSkin Asia Athletes program. Thank you Skechers Malaysia and 2ndSkin! This pair of GoMeb Speed3 retail (Peninsular) for RM399 (Women) and RM419 (Men), and (Sabah/Sarawak) for RM409(Women) and 429(Men) and is available at all Skechers store. 

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