Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lifeline-ID : Companion ID Review

I ordered myself and wifey a set of Lifeline-ID Companion about 2 weeks ago and got it delivered the week after (as the manufacturer are very spot on with the timing). The decision to get this on top of the Lifeline-ID Pro I have is because I wanted some level of redundancy. The Pro is superb for everyday use; but for swimming or racing, it adds a bit of drag in water and in the case of Ironman where bands are given out, I ended up wearing more than 4 bands!
The Companion and the bands
Priced at RM46 for the tag and choices of 3-color band, it is affordable and versatile to be used as long as you can secure the loops onto something fixed. The real intend is of course for it to be used on a sports watch, or any watch with straps.
On my 910XT
They say the real test of the product is to use it as it is intended to. With the Companion strapped to my 910XT, i went for a run or two. What I was looking for is how the strap holds on a normal run. Also, to see if it will cause any discomfort.
After a 7km run
As the Companion is about 1.3inches in length and with the strap makes it about 1.5inches, the worry is on smaller wrist person. My wrist as a guidance and you can see it took up the 8th slot. However, do not be overly worried as It can also be fitted on the other side where the buckle resides without any issues.

- Smaller and more compact.
- lighter
- work best with sports watch
- flexible loop that are able to be stretched rather large-loop
- too long that it may not fit smaller wrist nicely
- if you are hairy, not sure if it will catch your hair and pull when you remove the watch

I will test the durability of the strap for the next few months being exposed to the different element. Being Silicon, I do not expect the strap to show much degradation except if i nick it against something sharp. For that, I would need to be very careful.

Note: This set of Lifeline-ID is self-bought by me. Lifeline-ID is a collaborator with Team 2ndSkin and the decision to buy this is personal choice. The Companion retails online at RM46 and comes with 3-different color band to choose. Get them at

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