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The Doof Industries Doof BeanBag Review

Many has asked me if I am selling these beanbag that is known as Doof. The answer is No. The reason why it is showing up here is because Doof has approached me and loaned these beanbags you see in this post for review. In return, I get to use them for a full 2-weeks and will receive the big orange Roxanne for a win-win scenario. With a big (literally) bright orange Doof in exchange of a honest review - why not? 
What came that one fine Wednesday
The Range
Doof came in many sizes (and thus names) and two main shapes - rectangular and traditional beanbag-gie round. Largest rectangular is Roxanne at 55inches x 70 inches (RM490) and the smaller Roxanne is 50inches x 40inches (RM390).
Large Roxanne (Orange) vs Small Roxanne (Blue)
As a comparison of the size to a 8 years old boy, I got my son laying down on both. So you can have a rough idea just how big (or small) the Roxanne were.
Now I know my son is approximately 70 inches tall
And the smaller Roxanne fit only half his body length
The large Roxanne is super duper HUGE that my 5'8" has no issue being supported when i sit or lie down on it. Roxanne is made for full stretch and transformation into other purpose like into a working chair.
Something Round
Next is the Chuck. This round beanbag comes in 36inches (RM490) and 30inches (RM370) in diameter. The Chuck is the perfect Doof-ing material without taking up too much (flat) space. It literally converts into a cozy comfy sofa that conform to your tush - whichever way you place yourself on it.
Large Chuck  (Red), Small Chuck (Purple) and Chucky (light blue)
I used my daughter as model for the Chuck and Chucky. That way, you can have a good idea how big it is.
The 36inches diameter Chuck. Huge. I myself would sink inside this
The 30inch diameter Chuck. Still huge
Chucky is a 20inches diameter Doof suitable for children. It is priced ar MR210. Suitable if you are afraid your smaller toddler may get lost in the beanbag. Do keep in mind that an adult on Chucky is akin to sitting on a stool
The smaller Chucky - meant for kids...looked more in place :D
For The Pets too!
Mille and Spike. For Cats and Dogs respectively. However, there is no harm to use it for human too. I find them a good for us as well, not just pets.
Spike (Pink) and Mille (Brown)
Chucky and Mille in action
How To Use Your Doof (Sample Using Large Roxanne)
There are many ways to use Doof, especially the larger units where it can be "shaped" to whatever and however you want. Here are just a few samples of what I envisioned (and tested) it to work as.
As a bed, literally
A backup sofa when you have more guest
Your own lazy-chair
A ride-on-me Doof
A personal favourite configuration is using it as a working chair. Here, I demonstrated using the limited edition large Doof named "The Artist".
And downright comfy
As you can visualise, the Doof beanbags are made for purpose. Put in the bright cheerful color, it sort of light up or change your surrounding. However, the beanbags aren't the only thing they have. I was also passed the Doof's Duffel Bags to check/scrutinise. 
In Come Sánchez, The Duffel Bag
Cheerful color!
The Doof duffel are known as Sánchez. I was given the go ahead to try using one of them to mimic a daily activity. I can't find anything more suitable that weekend (that I got it) than to use it to put all the swimming items inside and test the capacity out. Needless to say, I was impressed. I've put in 3 pairs of goggles, 3 change of clothing, 1 paddle, 2 kick board and there are still room to put in a few more things, like a water bottle. The Doof bag did not looked overloaded. I reckon it is at about 35liter size.
Wasn't joking about how much can go in
The material is made from Nylon and it is sturdy without the heavy weight. In my opinion, the Doof Duffle make a good overnight bag to carry all your needs to a day or two trip. It is retailing at RM170. Almost on par with other branded sports specific duffles if you ask me (but you be carrying boring looking bag if it is not Doof). Short of hard selling, I have already put in the request to purchase this duffel from Doof, if that is not hard-selling (and approval of how i love this, or any bags in general i guess).
Sending the Doof-Medical
The beans in the Doof is actually Styrofoam balls, which is typical of any beanbag. It will get crushed or lose it's shape over the years of usage, not to mention the accidental spillage when curious guest decided to open the bag to check what make Doof beanbag this tough.
The Flying Thumbs Up Assault Squad
To start off, Doof zipper or refill port is made with safety in mind. The zipper holder is removed, so no protruding part comes up and poke any kids (or adults) deciding to fly onto the beanbag (otherwise known as Doof-buser)
Not a defect
Opening it up reveal the beans to be contained in a mesh bag. This is to allow air movement and also to ensure "lightness" and "fluffiness". 
Well concealed
Some, will, escape...
For this, the replacement comes in the form of a Doof Saver (RM99) and weight about 2.7kg worth of beans.
Heh :D
Reuseable bag
The Doof Saver comes in a large bag that can be re-used. The purpose is that you "top up" or what Doof term as Doof-usion to give the Doof some life back. It comes with small opening which is zippered and I was given tips on how to refill without spilling.
Half-Length Zip
Demonstrating on the Large Roxanne
It is simple and easy, though for bigger Doof, you may need two person - one to hold the larger bag (from tipping and to hold the opening) and the other to pour in the beans. Here, I demonstrate a very controlled Doof-usion.
Slowly does it
OK. Pass!
Once done and your Doof gets back some "thickness", you can put the Doof Saver away and continue to enjoy the "fluffed" again Doof.
Thumbs up for approval.
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
At this point of publishing this entry, and a full 2 weeks of testing and abusing the Doof to check on it's durability. It is time to return back to Doof Industries. In the short 2-weeks, I've concluded that:
- It is highly durable. I've lost count how many body slams myself, wifey and the kids has done on the pile of Doof at the corner of the house. It's therapeutic, especially after a long day at work to just let it all go (and be sure something will absorb the impact)

- It is user friendly and conform to how you want it to be. When things in life doesn't want to fits you in, Doof will.

- It is easy to maintain. I've spilled Nutella on the (Orange) Roxanne. Cleaning up was as easy as wiping it up with a damn cloth and no stains were visible. This is because the nylon material allows for hardy wear and tear (as Doof also says - Drool proof and water resistance. You can take the beans out as it is bagged in a mesh and wipe it clean once a month if you are anal or have OCD about cleaning everything in contact with anything, dust included. 

Just remember to be kind and not wash them in a washing machine or brush it too hard as it will greatly reduce the durability of the Doof material.
Zipping it up...and saying good bye to "The Artist"
The consolation is that the Orange Roxanne will be a permanent fixture in my home. A reminder of the good Doof-days. Life goes on, that is, until the day we chance upon the opportunity to jump into a pack of Doof again. 

The Doof in this review is provided on loan from Doof Industries Malaysia. If you are interested to purchase them, head over to their online store here : and use "tridoof" to gain 10% discount. Delivery is free within Klang Valley and they do deliver to area outside of Klang Valley. Do check with them separately. I would like to express my gratitude to Doof Industries Malaysia for providing the items for review, allowing me and my family serious Doofsters time (read : fun) and for allowing us to keep the Orange Roxanne. Don't worry, she is in good hand (and body).

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