Friday, April 20, 2007

Nike+ Air Structure Triax 10+

Mouthful for a shoe eh?

But rest assured that this shoe rocks. (OKla, some say Asic is DE SHOE for runners, some swear by Saucony)

Remember when i was passed a pair to run in during KLIM 07?

Brand NEW!

Now that Nike+ is available in the local store near you since 1st April and Ashraf Sinclair was reported to had ran 12km in Nike+ Moire on the first day, imagine what motivation these gears can give you!

Ashraf on Moire

OK, i'm no Ashraf or even Harith Iskandar...but i'm Stupe.

Fu Yoh..

So, when Nike told me i can come collect the Nike+ Air Structure Triax 10+, i went right away...

You see, i'm getting a second hand shoe that is as good as new. The shoes were used in Fitness First branches to allow the people to try Nike+, so, i can say these shoes clocked less than 10km of mileage! That is better than the first pair they gave me which i clocked at least 42km with it! (i smell them already, no smelly feet smell la!)

Thank you Nike!

Now all i need is the sports kit and an iPod Nano. If any fell from the sky, can you please kindly let me have it!

Dun underestimate Cikgu Adnan!

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