Tuesday, April 17, 2007

FRIM : First Timer MTB

Last saturday, me, wifey, her partners (in Cats Whiskers), their respective husbands and "Auntie Gorgeous" (that is how she wants Ryan to call her, or in short, Auntie G), went to FRIM for a ride.

Except for Siew Peng, Roland and me, the rest are all MTB virgin. Having only ridden the bike on the road around their house, this was certainly gonna be an outing for them.

Infact, this is wifey's second time on the bike. Her first time was around Damansara Perdana which she claims "i sweat more because i was scared of the traffic than the cycling".

Roland, Auntie G and Siew Peng

I was taken aback when i had to pay RM5 to enter FRIM plus RM1 for wifey. This is a big ripoff. I did not know that going to the park is this expensive!

Anyway, that's the only unpleasant thingy about the whole thing.

Roland suggested we bring them to Steroid Hills.

OK, to the JUNCTION of Steroid Hills.

Wifey seems really good with the MTB eventhough this is her first time offroad. Very proud of her.

Power la...

Even Keng Chee, on his first time offroad did really well. The day before i help Chit purchase a full suspension Le Run Cyber 21 speed from the LBS for a song. The LBS boss offers to take the bike back at the same price should he want to upgrade in the near future. What a deal!

back side pain la...

Tjeanna was even better. She was riding her brother's old Le Run bike minus any suspension with ease! Damn good!

Dun play play...no suspension i tell you!

After Steroid Hills (or lack of it) we headed to the waterfall area for a quick breakfast. Nasi Lemak and burger were eaten and it's time to burn it all off and so me and Roland suggested that we bring them to Rover's Trail.

I tell you, these newbies took FRIM like it was their everyday ride. Apart from the steeper climb, they cycled all the way up! Well done!

I'm really proud of Wifey as she totally did what i did not expect her to do. You see, she is afraid she might fall, but she didn't. So, it's fair that she pushed the bike on the final part of Rovers where it's a steeper decline.

Could it be the fear that the bike will kill you?

Maybe i feed wifey with too much of Calvin and Hobbes?

Killer bike...

Bottom of it, i'm proud of all you newbies, especially wifey! Well done!

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