Friday, April 20, 2007

Color Me Badd

Mix.Fm played Color Me Badd song this morning as i drives back from House Of Nestle after passing Bandit his Nike Shoes.


I cranked up the volume as i love this song. I bet most of you love it too! So, today i declare it as COLOR ME BADD day!!!

All 4 Love

Im so glad you're my girl
I'll do anything for you
Call you every night
And give you flowers too
I thank the lord for you
And think about you all the time
I ask him everyday
That you'll for-ever be mine

I wanna hold your hand
To show you I'll be there
I like to do the things
That let you know I care
I sing this lullaby
cause girl you fill me full
I look into your eyes
Youre so beautiful


Oh girl I think I love ya
I'm always thinkin of ya
I want ch-ya to know I do all for love
I love it when were together
Girl I need you forever
And want you to know I do it all for love

I will never leave you sugar
This I guarantee
I look in to the future
I see you and me
Knight in shining armor
I will be your fairy tale
I wanna take care of you
Girl, I'll serve you well.

I will be there for ya
To catch you when you fall
I'll hold you in my arms
Thats where you belong
I sing this lullaby
cause girl you fill me full
I look in to your eyes
Youre so beautiful...beautiful...yeah!


Yo-come here sweetheart
I want you to know something all right
See everyday in my life without you
Is like a hundred years
The distance between us
An ocean of tears
See all the things I do for you
Are for love dig it

All for lovin (all for love)
All for you (you)
All for lovin
Repeat chorus

Tell me the song above doesn't rock you!

Here is anohter bonus track, the other song that made them famous.

I Adore Mi Amore

I Wanna Sex You Up

The Earth, The Sun, The Wind

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