Monday, April 16, 2007

Congrats Iqbal & Lenny!

And a big welcome to Baby Mikail!

Hello you!

He was borned on 13th April 2007, weighing in at 3.27kg big at almost midnight through C Sect.

Contraction was felt in the afternoon and Lenny went into labour for 4 hours before Dr. Raman suggested C Sect as the labour not progressing after being induced.

Baby, Mother will be discharged today and all is well!

Congrats again!!! much hair...

Ryan was visibly (and orally) excited as he sort of makes baby talk with everyone in the room and flap his arms in excitement when i showed him Mikail.

Ahbuden...waiting so long liao for Mikail to come to the world...

Here's to you Bro and Lenny, may your son brings you as much joy as Ryan did for us!

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