Thursday, April 19, 2007

Batang Bas

Ever seen a bas' batang (local colloiqual for penis)?

I had a good chuckle as i was driving back from Melaka, passing through Batu Berendam to get to the highway.

It was raining heavily and i just couldn't resist taking a pic of the batang bas...



OK, i know, that's lame. But the rain yesterday wasn't lame. It was so heavy it wasn't funny driving along the highway back from Melaka, added with the ongoing road work, it was accident waiting to happen, and true enough, there were 3 accidents which happened as i made my way back.

One was an old Datsun 120Y which brashed into the wooden barrier after Alor Gajah.

One was a case of a bus rear ending anohter bus and rear ended anohter car...

And the last one was on the opposite side of the road, where one Perdana spun out of control and ended up facing the oncoming traffic AND landed on the slope near Pedas/Linggi.

It baffles me how people just think accident won't happen to them and drives like devil possesed. A few cars were taking the emergency lane and overtaking 16 wheelers ON THE LEFT. At least 2 cars i saw was with kids inside. An Ambulance (without it's siren blaring) was seen driving like F1, zig zagging and almost being squeezed off the road by anohter 16 wheelers as it tries to overtake on the left (emergency lane).

This was taken at 5pm...traffic slowed down because of the Datsun 120Y up ahead

People just never learn.

As for me, i just listen to to all the Love Songs they played...definately not as stressful as trying to reach the toll plaza 10 mintues ahead like how these crazy drivers does!

As for Batang Bas...i wasn't joking, isn't it!

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