Monday, April 02, 2007

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A Formosa Triathlon is less than 6 days away. I've not started any swimming practice until today. Misplaced my swim goggle last week but it was actually exactly at the place where i last left the item. Went to get new one 2 days later.

So, yes, i'm still breast stroking my way in the swimming section. I can't do front crawl faster than i do breast stroke. Must make resolution to see Total Immersion VCD over and over and over again and hopefully i will get the strokes right for front crawl.

A while ago, i did a 35 minutes swim. Given my previous 1.5km swim to be circa around that timing, i pushed myself to do laps in the apartment's small 25meter pool. The hot weather makes it more pleasant as the water was ice cold.

The weather today is perfect for a biking practice as well. It's still hot now, so, perhaps, i will try to clock in 30km in 30 minutes time. The rain yesterday did not deter me and 2 other chaps from attempting to do a century ride (as in 100km) but the heavy downpour told us to abandon it halfway. Which was a wise decision. I'm no where near the other 2 when it comes to cycling. I was left far behind in the climb, struggling with 5 speed and gear ration higher than what my leg could cope.

Then perhaps, after that 1 hour 20 minutes spin around damansara area, i would run a from my apartment till Pelangi Damansara and back to clock in 5km? Or if it rains, i'll do that in the gym today.

It is 326 more days to IronMan Langkawi. Got to be prepared. No excuse not to finish the race.

Edited - just as i wanted to leave office, the sky opened up and poured. Cycling on hold. Run in gym are most certain. Must push for 10km today on the treadmill.

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