Friday, March 30, 2007

Josiah Ng -Track Cyclist

Josiah who?

You can be forgiven if you do not know who he is. But to every other leisure cyclist and competetive cyclist and atheltes, Josiah is as household of a name as M. Kumarasen, Rosman Alwi, Shahrulneeza Razali, Nor Effandy Rosli, Tsen Seong Hoong(he has a shop near my office!!!) and Wong Ah Thiam(Current King Of Triathlon in Malaysia!).

But unlike the rest, Josiah specialises in Keirin. A highly regulated cycling sports. Keirin is a cycling sports started in Japan in 1948 and it's a very popular betting sports. It is akin to the greyhound race in the west, to put it bluntly.

Strong...agile...determined...get food after finish race

Strong...agile...determined...get medal after finish race

Josiah is 27 this year. His first international achievement was winning a silver Medal in the 2002 Asian Game. Then in 2003, he went on to be the champ in the World Cup Championship. Then in 2004, where most of our atheletes failed in the Athen Olympic game, Josiah emerged with a crediatable 5th in Keirin, racing amongst the world best.

Determined to make amend, he went on to win the 2006 World Cup Championship and winning yet anohter Silver in the Asian Game the same year.

In between, he was crowned as Olympian of the Year 2004 and in 2005, as the Sportsman Of The Year.

His final ranking in 2006 was number 2 in Keirin category!

Standing at 179cm tall and weigh in at 79kg, he sure is a beefy chap to begin with. It's an advantage as keirin is a pretty physical race. Some rider finish the race in speed exceeding 70km/h. I know how it's like to crash at 64km/h on tarmac...but to crash in the velodrome is totally different, you get burned more!

Check out those thighs...could send you to China with one kick!

Josiah will be competing this weekend in Majorca, Spain in the UCI World Championship. He has been there since end of February and he will be racing from 1st till 4th April!

I wish you luck Josiah! Make us all proud!

I hope to be an Olympics medalist and World Champion medalist one day. Thats what makes me wake up everyday, to achieve what I dreamt to do as a boy.

update: To those that didn't know, Josiah crashed in the race and broke his right collarbone. He is recovering now. Pics and more details available at Kim's blog. Those that knows where to find it, go and have a look now.

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