Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ryan - 4 Months 10 Days old...

Fella is growing quickly the first few months, his growth spurt has somehow plateaued after 4 months.

He is now a 68cm tall baby weighing in at 7.45kg.

Tall neh....

Doctor Yong says his growth is good and he is happy he isn't putting on much weight, or more than he should and all vitals are balanced.

He is now drinking 6 fluid oz of milk (Changed to Nan 1 now, instead of Nan HA1 as he shows no alergy towards milk with higher lactose).

Parents were worried if he is getting enough, especially when he is just taking 6 oz every 6 hours. He has sort of settled into a habit now. He would sleep from 9.30pm onwards, we will wake him up for milk at 1am, he will sleep through until we wakes him up again at 7am for feed.

He usually would give a big smile when he finished drinking his milk and would give out a hearty burp. Colic has not been a problem anymore.

He has learnt how to turn over on his own. Only on his right side. He grabs anything in sight and could coordinate his hand to hold his pacifier and bring it to and fro from his mouth.

And he is salivating like there is a tap somewhere inside his mouth.

Doctor Yong did a few development check with him yesterday and told us that he might crawl much earlier than expected as he could raise his butt up after he turned over.

Wait till i walk!

All the time whenever anyone talks to us, or when i talk to wifey, Ryan would join in the conversation with his own baby talk.

Even his cries has changed from the baby's "uwaaa..." to a more hearty...err...cries.

His hair is still the same though but his eye brow is growing out really well. His eye lashes are really long by me or wifey's standard.

So today, we experimented. Doc Yong says it's ok to let him sleep through the night. So, we fed him at 12am yesterday with 7oz of milk.

he lasted until we woke him up at 9am this morning!!! And we gave him a good 7oz again...

please call TeleDera...i'm being starved!

so, between 9am till 12am tonight, it's a 15 hours stretch, divide it by 3 and the next feed will be in 5 hours time, ie at 2pm, then anohter one at 7pm (both 6 oz of milk) and then the last feed at 12am!

Wah, with timing like that, me and wifey don't need to wake up at 1 and 7 to feed him!

More sleep!!!!

We are family!

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