Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Of Crocs, Frogs, Shorts and Tops

Wifey got me a proper Crocs sandal as my Frogs has since seen better days.

The Crocs

The Frogs

The Frog costed me RM14.90 from the hypermarket. The only reason why i bought it was because my Teva of 2 years had it's sole dislodged. I still keep the Teva, hoping one day i would find a good cobbler to stick it back together.

The Crocs was anohter pressie that wifey bought for me, after i was duped by her. She insist to get me one as she say she "did not get me anything for the anniversary". So, rahter than letting her get things i might not need, i thought i just let her get me the sandal.

Now, for RM129.00, the Crocs was certainly more expensive. Infact, it could very well purchase close to anohter 8 Frogs.

First feel on the Crocs tells me that it is firmer compared to Frogs. Pretty consistent as if you really do step on a real life frog or croc, it would feel the same too.

Field test has shown that the Crocs are more sticky on surface compared to the Frogs, which loses it's grip on wet flooring.

You could feel the inner dimple of the croc better compared to the new Frogs even.

While i do no mind getting anohter Frog, but they had since stop producing any without any brand marking. And some on the market are just simply ugly.

Yes, if you think Crocs are ugly, some Frogs are uglier. Some even has it's strap broken if you are unlucky.

Wifey has a Crocs, which i bought for her last last year. Which still surprisingly, looks brand new. She wore it while she was pregnant and stop doing so when her feet swelled to a point that the Crocs looked like it swallowed victim larger than itself. Now that the feet is normal again, Crocs come in handy again, especially on those wet rainy days when you are just so sure that the Crocs will dry instantly and you won't end up with soggy sandals for the rest of your outing.

So, this Frogs and Crocs that i have will stay where it is and continue to serves me until the end of their lifespan, of which, i figure that the Frogs might have anohter 2 months to go, as the sole is wearing out really fast.

Next stop. We talk about Shorts and tops.

Well, not just any Shorts and Tops, mind you, but the shorts and tops where you wear when you cycle.

Here is my Rm19.90 Makro Jersey which i wore throughout my days in Explorace. Accompanying the top is my first cycling shorts that i bought for RM40 from the bicycle shop i used to work in back in 1994.

First Edition

Then, when me and wifey went to Bali for our Honeymoon, i ended up finding a cycling jersey, meant for Mountain Bikers. it cost me RM30 after conversion. And because the aforementioned shorts on top already has holes where the sun don't shine, i decided to get a new pair, in case someone in the race course complains that he/she was mooned by a big ass mountain biker. Hence, i went and got a Specialized 6 panel cycling shorts.

Macho Edition

The last i checked, i've over worn the Red Tops. Infact, the red top has been on National TV too! Remember this 3R episode?

nevermind i might have a B or C cup mammary glan. There is absolutely no reason to be jealous of me.

As you all know, wifey bought me a new set of cycling attire...and to complete it all off, a set of Roadie stuff.

Go Faster Edition

Now, are all tops and shorts created equal?

They are not.

The Shimano shorts are made from only 4 panels, meaning, it only has 4 pieces of cloth sewed together to form the shorts. The padding is minimal and true to the trend back in 1994, it's laced with chamois. Just thick enough to prevent chaffing on those cadence you churn on the pedals.

The Specialized shorts however, comes in 6 panels, meaning there is 6 pieces of clothes. The padding is slightly thicker, infact, it's very thick, making long distance cycling not a pain in the butt anymore. The ergonamic design also ensure that the shorts fits properly, enhancing what it should (and i'm talking about the quads ok).

The Discovery shorts, however, is only 4 6 panels. But it make up with some serious nice padding with ventilation holes called CoolMax.

Meaning i could still ride long, and not have my ass on fire, literally.

For those that has not seen any biker's shorts padding, you are forgiven to think that these looked like oversized sanitary pad with big wings.

Crotch pointing down. L-R : Shimano, Specialized, Discovery

Now you all know why most cyclist looks like they have big balls! it's the padding! LOL!

As for the top, most tops are made from 100% Polyester. Only difference is how much you are willing to pay for the brand name and the so called technology they provide. While some of you might argue that not all polyester sports top are created equal, i would concur to a certain extend. But as we are cycling mostly, what we need most is polyester top with UV protection. It would be nasty to come out having your whole back burnt while cycling, no?

For all it is worth, nothing beats original, but lets not forget that there is a lot of good imitation at a fraction of the price, you just got to becareful when you get them. Some of the polyester top i have would have the foul smell which is like some unwashed laundry left in the basket for weeks even after washing it.

Now, watch out for one slow ass rider in an old colnago wearing Discovery jerseys...honk if you see me on the road!

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