Thursday, March 22, 2007

Seiko 5

I went to Melawati after sending my mum home yesterday afternoon.

As i've not gotten wifey any pressie for the anniversary, i figured out that i better do so before we celebrate the second anniversary.

My intention of going to Melawati is to:

1. Fixed wifey's watch
2. Buy Wafer biscuit from this particular uncle.
3. Get Wifey a watch, if there is any nice design.

This uncle works from the same table everyday for as long as i can remember. Battery replacement is cheap and irregardless of the type of watch brand you bring in.

I had a rude shock when i went to change my 10 years old Tag (1500 Series - no more in production) some time back and was qouted a hefty RM40 for the battery. I brought it to the uncle, he got it done for RM7.

My Tag 1500 series

Pay what you get? Nah, in this case, i beg to differ. This uncle works with his magnifying glass permanently on his right eyes. He uses blutack to pick up covers and batteries. He uses tweezers to hold parts and he is detailed with his work.

The uncle that i never know the name after more than 20 years

Now, my affiar with Seiko 5 started when my late granpa gave me a green faced S5, which unfortunately has been misplaced when we shifted house. I always have the impression that these watches are expensive until Kelvin told me that they aren't.

When i found out that the uncle has it. Me and wifey went on to buy 2 watches for ourselves. She got hers changed to leather strap. I prefer it to be metal.

SNXB63K and SNXG49K (given away already as gift)

Then not long later, we purchase one for my sis in law for her birthday.


And i got myself one more!


The above watch was also bought to commemorate Ryan's birth. So, this watch will grow old with him and when he is ready, i will pass it to him.

Yes ah???

And yesterday, i wanted to get one for wifey, to commemorate our first year anniversary. I am stuck between two choices.

Haiya...both also nice, but i only got enough for one watch...

So, after much deliberation and thinking about which design wifey would like better...i ended up gettting her the Military one and changed to a leather strap for her as she likes straps compared to chainlinks.


However, I'm yet to get it engraved though, as the Seiko 5 nowadays comes with transparent back casing to counter imitations. So, since the back is not made of metal, i can't possible engrave it. Looking for anyone with info on where i could engrave some stuff on the side of the watch. Kelvin told me one possible place already, i need to check if they do it. So, i welcome any other suggestions!

Yes, there are imitations even and i was told that previously the metal casing was easier to pass off as real Seiko 5 with Automatic movement by replacing the mechanism with the cheaper battery operated mechanism!

Seiko 5 are truly collectible as once the model are phased out, they will never come back, the metal straps included!!!. Add it on with being a value for money automatic watch, they are simlpy awesome! For the price of one average priced Tag, you could perhaps purchase 10 Seiko 5s!!!

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