Monday, March 19, 2007

Happy Anniversary Wifey!

Yesterday was our first Anniversary after the Chinese Wedding last year.

It also mark Ryan's 4th month with us.

Wifey bought me loads of gift. And i got her non. She went to the bike shop with Bandit, without my knowledge, while me and doc was busy uploading songs to our loaned iPod Nano for Sunday's Marathon. I did not get anything for her, yet.

I got a new helmet, a set of Discovery Channel cycling jersey and short, the one that Lance Armstrong wore, only cheaper ;-) and a pair of SixSixOne glove.

I couldn't get more excited than that. Pictures to come tomorrow. Was too tired to take any after the Marathon.

My Dearest Wifey, Love you loads!

We later went for a Korean BBQ to mark the anniversary. We've not tried Korean food before and i've no idea what to expect.

News has it that Doerae Garden in Hartamas is good.

So, we went there.

The place was packed!

We waited for a good 15 minutes before we got a place to sit. This place is filled with Koreans enjoying their food. Perhaps a mark that this place serves almost authentic Korean stuff?

We went on to order a seafood soup platter called Haemool Tang. It is essentially a hot soup with seafood, mushrooms, vegetables, tofu and all sort of things.

The soup...great portions and varieties of seafood!

We ordered a serving of meat to be BBQ as well called Daeji Gal Bi.

The meat, marinated in sweet soy sauce, heavenly!

Being first timer and do not know what to expect, i asked the waiter, that speaks mostly Korean that we wanted Kimchi.

Oh well, embarassed myself did i! It was given free, the side orders, almost like 12 or 13 small plates of assorted kimchis!

Me, Wifey and the Kimchis

We helped ourselves with the side dishes, and a few were top up with no extra charges.

The meat came next and the waiter BBQ it for us to perfection, then he cut them into bite size pieces and we ate it with the provided lettuce and sweet soy sauce. It was great!

The soup came piping hot and the waiter too, then cut the crabs into pieces. There were generous helping of octopus, clams, mussels, prawns, crab sticks, enoki mushrooms, cabbage, zuchinni and some fresh tofu.

Initially we thought it would not make us full, but by 3/4 way into the food, we were both pretty filled!

The price was a-ok as well, as i was told that Korean food will cost about that much. What's great is the FOC tea and the side dishes/kimchis which were eat as much as you want! So, we only pay for the 2 dishes, the government tax and the service tax! The service were excellent and they were most polite! We will go back again to try the other stuff!

It was truly a way to mark the anniversary; by eating something that both of us never did try before!

Yes come didn't bring me along? it's my 4th Month Birthday!

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