Tuesday, March 27, 2007

27km Loop

Did a Loop on bike yesterday afternoon. Hot sun burning down. Two toned arms and legs now.

Damansara Perdana - Pencala Tunnel - Hartamas - RSC - U-turn at Jalan Damansara traffic light - hartamas - U-turn at Hartamas traffic light - RSC - U-turn at jalan Damansara trafic light - Hartamas - Pencala Tunnel - Damansara Perdana.

Distance: 27km
Time: 1:05
Max: 61.1lkm/h
Ave: 26.8km/h

No HRM reading. The Sigma Sports chest belt gave me problem after i took it for a swim the other day. water seeped in and when i opened the battery casing, there were rust. Not a good sign. Chest belt currently being dried in the sun like some salted fish.

General feeling is that the ride was good. Going up and down the hill and i still managed a good (by my standard) timing. Was short of water as i only brought along one bottle. Must build more legs for this stretch of ride. Nevermind the 5 speed gearing. Got to get the legs up and good. It's too easy to blame the gear you have.

Shazly asked me to join him for swim at 6.30am the next day (ie today) at Bukit Jalil. Too far for me. Will run today. Menu would be a 5km HIIT and will do a 30 minutes bike on 90rpm if i had the time.

Got to get in better shape and fitness level than this for IronMan.

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