Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Alain Robert aka Spiderman at KLCC

As most of you would know by now, Alain Robert is back in town. And he is now climbing up KLCC illegally via the superstructure.

pic taken much earlier by a forumer in NRT

Who is Alain Robert? Oh well, he is the crazy french man that climbs any building. He is a famous freeclimber.

Without any harness or safety equipment, this chap must had the balls and guts the size of a basketball.

Pics taken at 3:46 by NRT Lyn

Apparently, the police and fireman tried to stop him. There were also news that a stupid KLCC guard opened one of the window to try to grab him in. Alain is a pro, the guard isn't. Such is a stupid move by the guard that will put both their life in jeopardy.

latest update has it that the police, ambulance and the firemen all left, obviously knowing there is no way to stop him. Even some people from the French Embassy was seen at KLCC!

This is his second attempt up KLCC. Previously he was caught on the 63rd floor. And news has it that he passed floor 47 at about 4:40pm!!!

Latest pic taken at about 5pm just now thanks to Lyn NRT!

if you see properly, you could see that he drinks Ribena Mobile and the Fireman is clapping for him!

All the Best Alain! You are doing us a favour by promoting VMY 2007!

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