Friday, March 16, 2007

Nike+ Coming 1st April 2007

Don't think. Just Do It.

Nike+ (Pronounced as Nike PLUS) is a revolution that will change the way you run come 1st of April 2007.

How would you like to run with a shoe and your iPod Nano, listen to music and at the same time, having your workout recorded?

How is that even possible?

Well, i was thinking the same as well until i had the privy to be briefed about the product yesterday at their HQ.

Transmitter-Receiver, Nike+ Moire, Nano and you get The Running Revolution!

Basically Nike+ is an interactive system where you insert a transmitter into your Nike+ shoe, then you plug a reciever to your iPod Nano, then you set it up, then you will get your speed, distance, time and calorie burned recorded into your iPod!!! How cool is that?

Anyway, there is just 3 Steps to start using Nike+

Step 1: Update Software.
You will need the latest iTune software installed in your PC/Mac.

Then once you have iTune, you need to update your ipod software.

Step 2: Activate your shoe
Just insert the transmitter into the shoe. It will record your Speed, Distance, Time and Calorie burned.

Then insert the reciever into your iPod.

After that is done, it would automatically detect each other and there will be an extra option called Nike+iPod

Step 3: Customise Your Nano
You then simply customise your iPod.

Go to Settings and you can then further customise the Nano.

There is a function called POWERSONG. This is the song that will motivate you the most. Think of it as your own personal NOS system at a touch of a button.

Now that you've set up the device, the next thing to do is to go out and run!

Before you do that, you got the option to set either to base your workout on Time, Distance or Calorie burn. The sample screen shows that the runner opt for a 5 Mile run.

Only male or female voice.

At a press of the middle button, there will be a voice feedback telling you your run progress!

Once you are done with your run, you could download your workout to your PC by simply linking up the Nano!

Send, send, send!

Then you could have your workout sent to Nikeplus and be logged into their server and be compared to the rest of the world! You could also track the progress of your run and set challenges for yourself or for a group of friends! This bring running with friends to anohter level.

Your training record

Like me, i would love to run with my friends, but because of time constraint and family, i sometimes had to run myself. So, this is one way (abeit a kiasu one) to track your running progress against them.

Workout graph

Workout record

Would YOU want to have this?

I'm happy to say that me and another 10 atheltes will be running in Nike+ gear this KL Marathon. Look out for us as we will be running in a pack. The aim is just to complete the run in 6 hours. No pressure and i don't need to worry that lack of training will bog me down this time.

So, in the sea of the Red Army (As KLIM marathoners were given RED Adidas running vest), please look out for the Band of Runners in White Running vest!!!

Nike Malaysia has also registered my name for the 42KM run. So, now i will have 2 numbers with me. The A285 and the number i'm yet to recieve from Nike Malaysia. I am not too sure which number i'll run in this Sunday but rest assured i'll be running!

I'll be equiped with the Nike+ Moire (pronounced as More-RE), vest and shorts courtesy of Nike Malaysia and an iPod Nano would be on loan to me from Apple Malaysia.

Go to Nike+ Website now and see the advert!

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