Monday, March 05, 2007

The New Old Road Bike

I just bought a road bike.

It cost me less than 3 tanks of petrol.

That's the shifter at the downtube...

It's a 1992 Colnago with vintage 105 and 600 parts mixed. Many were unsure if the frame is original Colnago or not. But it does not matters to me as now, i'm officially a step closer to realise my IronMan dream come 23rd February 2008.

This bike was lovingly riden by a guy which spent his whole pay working in McD to purchase it back in 1992. It cost him a bomb and as promised to him, i shalt take care of the bike from now on. Thanks bro, i certainly find joy in this ride!

I sent it to my usual LBS (Local Bike Shop la) and had the rear tyre changed and the grip changed. I lube all the moving parts and had the uncle access the condition of the bike. Nothing needs to be changed.

This is not a brake, this is a speed control device

A quick check with the bathroom scale weight the bike in at 9kg flat. Error in reading might set it to perhaps 9.5kg. That's a decent 19.8lb minimum and 20.1lb max. Pretty decent for a steel bike! As a comparison, the Giant OCR2 Performance Road bike weigh in at 8.8kg without the pedal. This Steel bike measures up nicely with an aluminium bike with fancier technology PLUS with the old 105 Pedal! The OCR2 cost in the rnage of perhaps 2-3K at the local LBS. That's my 20 or 30 tanks of petrol!

Nevermind this Colnago comes with 5 speed only (on the rear cassete), it only mean that i need to build a stronger leg to pedal it. But i must admit, with a gearing of 14-17-19-21-24 on the rear and a 52-42 Tracer Crank in front. This bike is build for speed and will not be forgiving to riders that can't keep up with it. Effectively, this bike is known to have 10 speed. A huge difference as most newer bikes has a minimum of 16 speed with the top range having 20!

Scared or not?

Armed with vintage components such as KK hubs, which when googled, can't find much reference to it except being mentioned in a few vintage bike site. Even the Tracer crank is vintage. I've no idea who mades them.

The 105 components could be swtiched from the SIS system or the "adjust to whatever you want" system. This meant it is possible to throw in a 8 speed cassette(with larger rear sprocket for that Genting Climb) if i want to. Azmar has been generous as he offered to pass me his extra wheel set for me to try out. Thanks bro!

Quality - since 1992 and still rolling well!!!

As i've not riden any roadbike for the longest time, the first, and last was my 12 speed Raleigh bike which i used to commute between home and school back then. It was stolen one fine afternoon and my life was never the same again. That was when i saved up enough to get the old Le Run bike, which is still in running condition.

So, looking at the Colnago, be it a imitiation or the real deal, it doesn't really matter to me anymore. There is no embossed trademark of Colnago on the bottom of the BB or anywhere else, but this steel bike is still light, so, perhaps, it's a good imitation of the original with butted tubing and all. We all know that they make better imitiation stuff back then, don't we?

FD - this is original, still shifting like new

More vintage part was the handle bar. Any roadbike will not be known as one if there is no drop handlebar. With exception of a proper Tri Bike, a drop handle bar is the trademark of any road bike.
Modolo handlebar. I've not even heard of this for the longest time! Looks like i need a lot of adjustment from riding in an upright position to a more aerodynamic one!

The stem was the vintage Shimano 600, otherwise known as Ultegra in today's biking community.

Well, anatomically correct in 1992 might not be anatomically correct in 2007...

So, On saturday morning, i took the bike for a spin. As the place i stay has loads of hill, my initial respond to this cycling trip was not really encouraging. For once i fear to ride!

So, setting the gear to the highest one (ie the lightest granny gear i can find, a 42-24 combo), i set out.

This isn't so bad afterall...not bad afterall!

My short trip from Damansara Perdana to RSC via the Penchala Link, then from RSC to Centre Point Bandar Utama via the same tunnel and back to Damansara Perdana which took about an hour has me covering at least 15km (I did not set the meter, so no reading!) was good.

The bike behave well on the climb, with only me getting off the saddle on the final hill assault which had my heart rate jumping from 142bpm to almost 185bpm.

I felt good. The bike is really really nice.

And so, when Bandit called me later on Saturday and asked me to ride with him, Chips and Shazly to UIA in Gombak from his house in Melawati to see the King Of Mountain race on Sunday, i couldn't resist.

But of course, i felt shy as well. My new old bike will be nothing compared to the cheapest aluxx bike that i'll see there. I just keep telling myself it's the rider, not the bike. But the rider ain't that good either. So, in the end, i just tell myself that i bought this bike legally and with my own money, there is no reason why i should feel that it can't be seen with me.

I was at Bandit's place at 7am on Sunday. I can't seemed to remember the last time i woke up for sports that early. Mostly it will be Ryan's feeding that will wake me and wifey up.

Shazly and Chips came soon after with their ride. They both have nice ride, really nice ride. Even Bandit's ride was undoubtly nice. But mine was a classic. Just like the evergreen songs i listen to, it will keep playing in everyone's ear.

Gombak Batu 9

We rode from Melawati to UIA Gombak via the MRR2, entering Batu 9 Gombak as the traffic got lesser and lesser. This was the same route i took back when i was 17, that i cycled the old Bentong road which is now fondly known as Genting Sempah to the roadies.

The bike felt good, i could keep up at a good 30km/h. A speed previously not possible on a mountainbike unless i spin like crazy.

I felt good on all the climbs. But i can't seems to shake the thoughts of pedaling up the big hill on the way back!

We reach UIA and i i saw a whole bunch of riders. Bacin, Zabil, Steph Chok, Rose, Azmar, Bob, Ajeep, Ashley just to name a few were there. Some were taking part, some like me, were just there to see the race.

Genting Sempah

I couldn't stay long enough to see them race as i promised wifey i'll be back for Sunday Mass with Ryan and her. So, i made my way back alone. Fearing the hill and telling myself that i won't push the bike up any hill.

And i didn't.

I completed a distance of 28km in an hour. Not a bad effort for someone that has not riden any road bike since 1993. I managed a good 51km/h speed going downhill without even trying hard. :)

Old Helmet, Old Bike and out of place MTB Jersey

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