Saturday, April 28, 2007

Kiara : MTB-ing

Unbelieveable, but true. The last i ever rode Kiara was during KL MTB carnival in 2005.

Yes, THAT long ago.

Infact, this is my third time in Kiara. No joke. First was during AXN 2004, the MTB Carnival in 2005 and today, in 2007.

Some say that i am staying so near, yet do not ride Kiara as often as i should.

Now, lets just put it this way. I don't really like Kiara. It is too technical. OK, maybe for weakling like me, it's damn technical.

But for regular like Roland, Kee Yau and Michael Phoon, Kiara is like the back of their hand. And for hardcore like Steve, Kiara is running in his veins.

I cycled to meet up with them at the Park. That should give me about 5km one way from my home. Good warm up. The morning was wet, just like on Thursday.

FYI, Kee Yau is one of the chaps that always win races organised by Nomad with his other partners (usually) Jason Phua and Mike Lim.

Roland is hardcore as well. Doing Kiara almost every weekend when he comes back from Singapore. Michael Phoon is tauted to be "the legend". The way he rode Kiara this morning says it all.

I'm not worthy.

SO, the first loop was the 2K loop. The same loop that Nomad set out during AXN 2004. This is my first time offroading for ages. Confidence a bit shaky. So used to the wonder of tarred road and the smoothness(and speed) of the road bike.

Unlike Bacin, i have no intention to let the Fuji Bike rust.

Fuji Discovery III - Year 2002 model.

3 minutes into the ride, i slipped and fell. Big butt soaked up the fall and wasn't hurt that much except having a branch pressed down by the bike against my thigh...shy la. Many Moons ago...i was once a MTBiker which have Teratak Tekala for Breakfast. I would charge down Sg Pusu at breakneck speed - offroad.

Deep V Rut @ Teratak

Today, i was sitting in the rut, with my bike on me, branches against my thigh and contemplating of turning back and just go home.

Doc and all are doing FRIM today via Steroid Hills. Supposedly trying out the new trail called Pipeline and Dream.

And there i am, sitting in the rut, looking up the sky, rain falling down on my head.

OKla, maybe not so drama la, but you get my drift.

After 20minutes inside 2K, i got out, and headed to the cross junction to wait for Mike Phoon. We then headed to Snake/Ladder Trail and Twin Peaks.

The trail is wider here and not single track as it was in 2K. I actually enjoyed the trail at that point of time.

Stopping at the Syabas Water Tank at Boulder Trail, i can't help but felt sad over the destruction (in the name of development) that happens on the area where Sri Hartamas is.

We proceed on towards Twin Peak and turned left towards Janie's Addiction.

From there, we moved towards Carnival trail.

The rain in the morning made the ground slippery and extra exciting on some portion of the trail where event he roots gets slippery. I gain a bit of confidence back and started to just let the bike and my guts bring me down..

One part of Janie's addiction was pretty bad shape. I decided to come down and push my way down. The went up on the bike, started pedalling on the downhill and my front wheels got caught amongst the bigger stone. And i went over my handle bar...the seasoned riders will say i endo-ed.

I kncoked my knee against the stone and landed on my right palm, cut my wrist but adrenalin is nature's pain killer. I did not feel anything until much later when i was going down Carnival.

Nola, i wasn't trying to commit suicide

Towards the end of Carnival, there is a deep V where it is almost 70 degree. Kee Yau cleaned the V with ease and Mike decided to have another go at it.

Mike in the V

The ride ended after 1hour 40minutes, with distance covered almost 16km. I must say it is a good ride. I will return again, and aim not to fall. But i better remind myself to change/replace my rear brake was gone in this ride...almost risking a metal against metal situation and if that happens, i might have to replace my rim!

Have to check if Uncle has it cheaper or not...

The 3 sifu went off after the ride and i rode back home, with my hand sore and unable to grasp the handlebar firmly.

As i was cycling along Pencala Link, i saw someone running. It was Stephanie Chok.

Fu Yoh...

She ran my 30km bike route!!!

I accompanied her as she is going back to MJ's place near my home. Drank 100+ with her and told her i will see her at Bukit Merah.

As i'm typing this now, my last finger on my right hand is now still numb, most probably because i used it to cushion my fall. Lets hope it gets better in a day or two. Afterall, i got Bukit Merah Tri to race next weekend.

Have a good weekend and a good break/holiday. I will be back blogging only on Wednesday. So, this is perhaps a good time to catch up on most of my incoherent postings. Ciao!

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