Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ryan : Last Jab, For Now!

Brought Ryan to see Dr. Yong today.

My Growth Chart

He is now 8.06kg, meaning he is 10% of my weight. Averaging out, Ryan put on 1kg a month since he was borned. He is now 70.3cm tall with head circumference of 43.1cm.

Dr. Yong says he is in good size and the initial scare that he will breach the above average graph line (in weight) will not happen as long as we keep up the good feeding pattern. This also meant that the chances of Ryan being a fat boy when he grows up is less; as long as both his granma could resist giving him everything in the fridge to eat.

Lim Hen Sem with Mama

Today he had his Hep B jab. Dr. Yong said it will be his last jab, next one would be MMR (or Measles, Mumps, Rubella) when he is 12 months old.

Me and wifey felt uneasy. For the past 5 months, we have been consistently visiting Dr. Yong and getting his advices. Now, we have to wait the next 7 months to see him again? It is like we are just learning to ride the bicycle and the learner's wheels are taken off from us...

"Don't worry, you can always come if he needs to see a doctor", Dr. Yong says.

Dr. Yong also added that we can start feeding Ryan some solid food when he touches 6 months. Start with some rice cereal, then introduce vegetable when he touches 7 months and then fish/meat at 8 months.

All food must be cooked and we were told to introduce it to Ryan slowly, 2 spoonful a day until he could finish the small feeding bowl.

really ah, can eat solid food soon ah?

Dr. Yong also gave the go ahead for us to give him more than 6 fl. oz of milk he is currently taking. Now, we won't be accused for starving both granparent's first grandchild.

Dr. yong gave him one last vital check before telling us that he is doing great. As usual, Ryan was full of smile and laughter even as the needle were inserted onto his thigh...he did not even cry.

We thanked Dr. Yong and will see him again in December, 2 weeks after Ryan's birthday. We were told to feed ryan some hardboiled eggs to check for allergic reaction after he turns one. This is because the MMR vaccination are made from eggs content.

So, now, Ryan could officially goes into the swimming pool. His next milestone would be to sit unsupported and uses both his hands to pass objects around (which now, he could hold and direct his bottle to his mouth without any assitance).

On the way back, after i dropped wifey to work, i drove back home with Ryan sleeping...

can switch off lights or not?

Why still so bright one?


note: pics taken while car is stationary.

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