Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Beijing to Paris on a Recumbent Bike?

A fellow Malaysian is out to do what others would say is crazy. OK, nevermind that he is not gonna cycle around the world like some crazy Mat Salleh, but his trip, which will bring him from Beijing to Paris, spanning over a distance of 15,000 KM is simply...crazy.

He planned to do that within 6 months, starting from April 10, which according to my simple calculation, will take him 245 days. That alone would require him to cycle 61.23km a day, which seems doable to any cyclist which clocks a century ride every weekend, but imagine doing this for the next 245 days...

His name is Fook Cheun Meng, age 51. Sanity checked.

peace out y'all!

Good luck sir, i wish you many great memories on your touring trip!

To the rest of you readers, I'm linking him in my blog here. Pay him a visit and drop notes of encouragement!

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