Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Bumbo Seat

Me and wifey wanted to get this for some time. but at RM199 for one, it surely are a heavy premium to pay for a seat.

No, it's not a potty..

Some does give a 10% discount, which means it could be purchased at RM179.10 at some baby shop.

Last Sunday, as we were walking about and around Ikano Power Centre, the lobby area was converted by Hytex Town and they were having a Jumbo Baby Sale.

Hytex Town is currently under renovation and obviously there is money to be make when it comes to baby, so, they decided to have this sale.

As we were walking past, we saw the Bumbo Seats....selling for RM159! That's a good 20% savings!

test first...

It was on sale only for 3 days and there were only 4 units left. The colour are all the same ie lilac...but we don't mind a single bit.

As we make our way around the sales area, Ryan fell asleep while i was carryign him, with him facing forward. Adorable!

And here is how he looked like, in his throne.

Like Big Tauke like that...

The seat is made from 100% polyurethane foam and it could be cleaned easily. It is also light and though a bit big and clumsy looking to be brought everywhere, the mere fact that you could put your kiddo inside and have both hands free while doing your work is great.

wah...what you want?

Some babies hate to be constantly lying down (because they can't sit as yet) and some love to sit and watch TV, which is what Ryan does when he wakes up. Play House Disney Channel on Astro Channel 63 is his morning companion and since he is outgrowing the Fisher Price swinging chair, Bumbo seems to be the best thing that happened after that swinging chair!

The space where the baby's bottom sit is lower than the legs' opening, and since the baby's whole weight is on the seat, so, it's secure.

here he is trying to wiggle out, but failed

Just to be safe, me and wifey palces big pillows behind the seat, just in case, but so far, it seems to be holding on very well, despite Ryan kicking and trying to move his butt out.

And when he gets tired holding his head up for so long....he does what every parent's fear....


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