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Malaysia International Aerospace Adventure 2007 Race Report

This is Day 1 of the race : Saturday 21st April 2007

Last weekend, me, Bandit, Ming and Stephanie Chee joined a race organised by Quick Release in conjunction with MIA2007.

We reached Berjaya Time Square at 9am, already there is a lot of people lining up for registration. There were at least 4 teams from PCC and there was us, the MountainBiker-Nuts 1&2. In total, if i recalled correctly, there were 17 teams.

Yes la, name not very creative, but can do la.

The initial set up of 4 per team were broken to 2 per team as there weren't enough teams to do the race, most probably because most people are not keen to race this type of race. But as certified hardcore racers that love to race in airconditioned area, me and bandit couldn't resist. Afterall, we did win AXN Amazing Mall Race last year.

We've decided to race as a team as per initial plan, this is to boost our chances of winning something. I am sure the PCC guys were thinking along the same line!

We were given the race number, surprise, surprise...we were team 1 AND 2 respectively! The race number damn nice material...almost space like!

Damn kiasu right

Then we were called for the race briefing and to make the race even more exciting, all teams are supposed to start at different location around KL. In total, there is 6 different places we must go. I went to the box and drawed out Location 5.

By some stroke of luck, Bandit went in and draw out location 5 as well! Woo Hoo! We were also given an egg, which MUST come back uncracked or else points will be deducted. We were also told to ride the monorail at least ONCE and present the tickets.

Race Passport

Because we will be heading to the first checkpoint, we decided to strategize, We read the Passport and clues were given to which location all the places are.

Location 5 is Central Market, the other locations were Berjaya Times Square, KLCC, Titiwangsa, Jalan Ampang and Bangsar.

We all came to the consensus that we will do CM-Bangsar-Titiwangsa-KLCC-Jln Ampang-BTS.

Race started at 10.30am sharp and we were told we can run, cycle, swim, taxi, lrt, monorail, drive to the destination for the tasks!

All 4 of us jumped into one car and off we go!

Central Market : Angklung Exhibits

We had to get ourselves to Central Market first and with us were the first task sheet. We need to find out how many keys are there on the "angklung" (Answer: 37)

nola, these are not lemang!

So, in we ran towards the main entrance of the Central Market and asked a guard where is the Angklung. The guard told us it was on the other end and we were reminded not to run (in case we crashed into someone). We saw thr Task Marshalls sitting happily on the table and we went on to count the keys on that specific Angklung next to them.

We got the answer easily because most of us passed out maths in high school.

Then, we had to find out the name of the State Wau Of Selangor. We looked up and saw a shop selling kites, we moved upstairs and true enough, listed on the paper was the respective names of each state's wau!

How many of you know what is the name of The Selangor Wau?

Wau Kapal!!!

Believe this when i tell you, i found the above image from a japanese website PROMOTING our WAUs and even the own country tourism portal did not have this (except for the Wau link here, which, sadly, was only filled with names and not how the kites looked like).

Questions done, now we had to do our task, first it was to eat the "jeruk" or pickles. The first was kedondong(dhup) and the second, without tasting it, was onion/shallot.


Then we had to sing NEGARAKU and wave our Flag, LOUDLY!

Not an issue as we all 4 were patriotic enough not to read the lyric given!

Task was done in les than 10 minutes and we dashed to the car and drives ourselves to Bangsar Village 2 and headed to Celebrity Fitness.

Ming decided to wait in full air-conded glory!

We forsee the biggest task todayis to brave through KL's traffic, even if it's Saturday as everything is just simple unpredictable!

Bangsar Village 2 : Celebrity Fitness

We dashed up and reached CF and registered with the marshall. We first had to have our vitals taken; heart rate and blood pressure, height, weight and body fat.

YES! Now i get to check my bodyfat level again!

I clocked in with 80.4kg at 172cm and 21.4% fat.

Steph was going fine and Bandit and Ming were doing great as well. It is more fun to race in a team! Bandit top us all when he registered 36% of fat. Way to go Daddy Bandit!

By the time we did our body composition, only 2 teams has came and left as their first destination. meaning we are team 3&4. Not too bad!

The Question in Celebrity Fitness was to answer which brand of mineral water which is also the name of one of the zodiac sign. (Answer: Aquarius) and then we had to proceed to do 3 task.

Me and Steph did the "moon balancing" game first, basically we had to balance blocks of cylindrical blocks on a cresent moon shaped base...imagine it as some see-saw where we had to balance both side so it doesn't tilt left or right. We got it on our 3rd attempt, doesn't help with Melody looking and pressuring. (hahahahah!)

Dun pressure...

Then, we had to burn 90calories within 10 minutes on the cross trainer. Steph did it in less than 6 minutes and i had to catch up with her. Having done that, we had to go up and do push ups and sit ups for 1 minute. Sounds easy, but the current unfit me had to put up a straight face so that Steph would be able to complete the push ups! She did well and we were signed off!

Bandit and Ming did well in al the task, anything with brains, Bandit is the man!

Titiwangsa: Eyes of Malaysia

A quick drive through Bangsar and we headed to Titiwangsa. The marshalls were waiting at Eyes Of Malaysia's info counter and this is the first time any of us seen it this close.

The questions were given and we had to find out how many gondolas were there on the ride (21 quadrants with 2 in each, so Answer: 42)

Then, we have to find out how much the cap of Eyes of Malaysia cost. (Answer: RM13).

We then have to take a ride, after buying the tickets from the marshalls (RM12 each, so it's RM24 per team). We ran to the ride and was told we don't need to line up.

Fo yuh...

To our dismay, the ride were under repair. So, we has to wait and after some waiting, the person in charge of Eyes signed us off as it might take hours to fix it. The marshall understood our predictament and we proceeded to the next task. Each member has to juggle the sepak takraw (bamboo ball) at least twice. Easily done!

Off we went to the next check point!

KLCC : Baker's Boy Cookies

The drive to KLCC was somewhat easier as the traffic wasn't as heavy as yet. We've so far managed to finish 3 venue in pretty good timing. With only 3 more to go, our spirit were high.

We went up to the 4th floor of KLCC centre court and saw the marshalls hiding behind Baker Boys. Me and Bandit paired off from there and we headed to find the answers for the questions while Ming and Steph sat there for more mental task.

We were asked to find out the price of Wanita magazine (Answer: RM6.50), match the symbol with some planets (which we found the answer at the PetroSains shop) and name one of the cookies which were alien (Answer: Martian Fellow).

Need to identify Neptune and Jupiter

The girls, on the other hand, had to transfer some coffee beans using chopstick and do a pyramid puzzle. Steph was quick on this one and Bandit and Ming managed it after some adjustment with the blocks. All done, it's time to run to Malaysia Tourist Centre!

MTC: Batik Painting

The short drive to MTC was done as fast as we could. Got stuck behind some buses as we leave KLCC area. When we reach MTC along Jalan Ampang (next to Saloma Cafe), we headed to the info centre and was given tasks to do. Again, me and Bandit went off to do the questions and answer thingy and Steph and Ming went on to try their hand on some batik painting.

image taken from

As the girls get their hand all shaky and dirty with the Batik painting, me and bandit had to find out which bus to take from National Science Centre to MTC (Answer: Bus no.14) and also go up stairs and get more info on which animal were carved on a traditional game (Answer: Burung Mistik on the Congkak). We also need to note down which warrior uses a sheild during their Nganjat dance (Answer: Iban and Orang Ulu)

We hd to get the Papan Congkak answer right at least twice as we misread the question. Instead of giving the animal's name, we gave the game's name. Stupid la! But that was solved after the second time.

Ming and Steph with their agile finger did the batik without any problem!

As we need to go on the Monorail at least once and keep the reciepts as proof that we riden it, we ran from MTC to the BUkit Bintang station.

Quick, Run to Monorail!

For once, we were running like we meant it (and not in the comfort of the car!)

For RM1.60 each, we rode through 4 station before reaching Berjaya Times Square.

The ride..

For me, Ming and Steph, this was the first time we ever riden in the Monorail! Damn shy la, stay in KL like forever and haven't ride it before.

The reciepts

Berjaya Times Square : Cosmo World

We reached the final destination and were given more task and questions to do.

We firstly need to BUY a chocolate which is also a name of a planet (Answer: Aiyo..Mars bar la...) We had trouble getting the Mars bar, doesn't help that the cinema don't sell them and the 7-11 on 5th floor don't have them. I tell you, the lifts in Berjaya Time Square takes forever to come to the floor you are at. We lost valuable time there and we decided to follow the escalators. Apologizing to everyone to give way to us.

We finally got the Mars Bar at Guardian Pharmacy on LG.

Then we had to find out what time is the screening of Man on The Moon (or something like that la - answer: 4.30pm and 6.00pm) and how many has walked on the moon (Answer: 12 Astronauts).

Having done all that, me and Bandit has to go back to the 5th Floor and ride in one of the ride...

I hate rides. Absolutely hate it.

We had to get on Space Attack.


Comparing to AXN Urban Race 2005 which i climbed the white metal structure in the same pics above, i would rahter climb the structure than got onto any ride!


Now go and laugh.

I am not gonna tell you what those 360 degree ride which turns you upside down to and fro does to me, just lets say that my tummy was still spinning after dinner that night! bandit says his balls were in his mouth...i just closed my eyes and hope i don't fly out!

We got all the tasked done and ran down to the finishing line!

Berjaya Times Square: Buran Space Exhibition Stage

We arrived and showed Melody and Adele our eggs, then the monorail receipts and the passport to be signed off.

Passport chopped

Both MTBiker Nuts 1&2 managed a good 4th and 5th position, coming in at 2.06pm and 2.07pm respectively. Ahead were Team 6, which was headed by super fit Abang Nasdani and 2 of PCC teams.

Knowing that we have the chance to go up higher on position, we decided to go ahead and dress up for Day 2 competition.

We must admit that we were a bit dissapointed that we did not come up top for Day 1. But we are all out to make it out for day 2.

Arrival position after Day 1

To be continued meeting to go to la now!

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