Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Much Ado About TriSuit

Today, lets talk about tri suit.

I've always wanted a tri suit. No, not just to wear it because it shouts "triathelete" all over, but it's a matter of convinience.

A tri suit is essentially a one piece, sometimes two piece race attire. It is supposed to simplify the whole process in the transition area. So, instead of bringing one extra top for cycling, one extra top and bottom for running, you just bring your bike, helmet, and shoes. That's it!

Mostly made from mix of polyester and lycra with padding at the crotch for cycling purpose, it is supposed to to be a triathelte's next best friend after his/her arms and legs.

More reknowned brand are Orca, TYR, Sugoi, De Soto and Zoots.

So, when Quicksports had their usual sales before any tri, i went over to check out some of the stuffs.

On sale were the 2007 Zoots and Sugoi stuffs. But those priced at least RM350 per piece.

Powerbar Elite team were wearing Orca last year.

This year, they had Zoots for their tri suit as seen on Karen

Then we have Faie in TYR.

And Bacin in Sugoi.

Wifey bought me a tri suit as it was cheap and it couldn't get any cheaper than RM85 per piece.

Kappa 4DM - brand all washed out after i washed it...so, it's now STUPE 4DM

4DM as in 4 Dimension Movement. Don't ask me about it, it's Japanese and their reasonings.

motion cutting?????

more gibberish

The only reason why it was sold so cheaply was because the brand name was coming out, maybe because it's old stock and the rubber decal sort of dries up. You can see the brand and model all washed off after one cycle in washing machine.

Field Test

1. I was very self concious when i wore this. Can't hide all the handles and bulges. Damn shy. A look in the mirror tells me that i need to loose at least 5kg.
2. The suit fits snugly. The zip made it sexy, but care has to be taken in case i ter-zip the family jewel (yes la, we all race commando style!)
3. The suit dries very quickly, i had no wter dripping down my legs even at the begining of the cycling league. Compared to when i had my shoes wet for the past few years.
4. The padding is minimal, but sufficient. No chaffing even and no backside ache after.
5. The suit doesn't ride up the thigh and the top doesn't bites into the shoulder. Nice.
6. There is no need to change to running thighs and top as the Tri suit takes over as a running gear after T2.
7. There is no chaffing between the thighs! Sweet!
8. Tri suit was almost dried after race...compared to the previous times when i had sweat sticking to the top i was wearing and the bottom threatening to comes off my waist...

Now, that is why i understand now that a Tri Suit is the next best friend of me after my arms and legs in Triathlon!

Only when u are as good as them, you get to wear sexier stuff...pictures taken from SwimBikeRunMalaysia.com

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