Wednesday, April 04, 2007

UK Broadband Suppliers

This is a sponsored post

Streamyx currently offers a RM77/month 1mbps connection with free modem and a few other so called goodies.

In Malaysia we only have 3 strong broadband player. Telekom, Maxis and Time. However, We all know that Telekom monopolises all of them, unfortunately.

In UK, there is 13 broadband provider!

If that is not attractive enough, most of them offers speed up to 24mbps! Only 1 provider give speed of 1mbps.

If we do not convert the GBP to RM, dollar to dollar, the services there are super cheap. Imagine getting broadband services at 9.95 dollar unit a month! Heck, if i do want to convert it, it's a max of RM70 for a 8mb connection! BooHoo!!!

There is so many choices there for cheap broadband and there is even a site which consolidate all the services option so you could compare broadband options.

So, to those of you in UK (and i meant United Kingdom and not Ulu Kelang), consider yourself lucky as this blogger from the other end of the world could only sit here and blog about it and not get to experience any of those services!

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