Wednesday, April 18, 2007

DIY : MTB shifter on a Road bike???

You heard me right.

Forget those STI's.

Damn yummy ok!

For those that do not know what STI is, it stands for Shimano Total Intergration. Basically it's the brake lever and gear shifters all rolled into one slick unit.

The MTB equivalent

But since we don't need a MTB intergrated system (or also known as Dual Shifters), we can always go one step back and settle for those individual shifters.

"Bro, i've done it!", Bandit called me on Sunday night.

"I've successfully put the LX shifter into my Felt S22", He added, in case i start to speculate what he has done.

This is how it looked like. Damn cool (and innovative ok!)

No road bike will look like this! Ever!

And here is my bike, updated with the Tri bars and it's first official pimped picture!

To be tweaked further

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