Thursday, April 19, 2007

Hotel Reservations Dot Com

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I chance upon this website that offers hotel reservation worldwide.

So, in my bid to get the IronMan title, i entered Langkawi into the search box for hotel reservations and found to my surprised, a few hotels which is in their list!

I then next compared their rates. I found them pretty reasonable as the hotels suggested are top of their class. What more if you are a tourist flying to Malaysia to enjoy a weekend or two in the Duty Free Island of Langkawi?!

So, since this is Visit Malaysia Year 2007, i put in the next search to Kuala Lumpur to see what's the result would be like.

The first on the list was Sheraton Imperial which was only USD98 per night and that is weekend rate! Anyone in KL would know that Sheraton is smacked right in the middle of the city and at such attractive pricing from this hotel/motel reservation site, this is really a bargain!

The cheapeast hotel they suggested was Swiss Inn in China town. For USD36 per night, that is about what the local would pay for for a night stay! This is really great as some online reservation site does apply a bigger surcharge to possible tourist that wants to visit a certain city in their travel.

So, if you do plan to travel, click on Hotel Reservations and book rooms through them as you are almost assured of the best possible rates anywhere in the world!

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