Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tagged By: Ah Pek - Why I Marry Her

AhPek tagged me la because he got tagged by ZM, so because my parents taught me fillial peity and to respect OLDER people, have to do la.

AhPek says he was blinded. So blinded with so much love (or was it LUST) that the only thing he remembered of why he married his wife guys go and read la.

ZM's version is more romantic. She lsited down 10 reasons why.

So, this is version of why i married the person i married, taking cue from AhPek and ZM:

1. She is totally understanding - She understand my need to torture myself in races and why i deal with shit in my line of work, literally.

2. She respect me - When i was in the Cleo's Bachelor thingy, she did not make fun of me. Instead, she bought 2 magazine so i could cut one out and admire myself and keep the other one for record.

3. She can cook - pasta and soup is her specialities. Other more cina food, i kau tim.

4. She is totally sexy - both physically and mentally la. Or not why Ryan come about?

5. She has ambition - and not just to get married and then sit at home and be tai tai; but maybe because she knows i don't earn enough for her to be a tai tai, see, this goes back to reason 1.

6. She is supportive - if i come back from race with aches all over, she will just say "You wanted to race what..."

7. She loves my family - as much as i loves hers. Always remember, when u get married, you marry the whole clan.

8. She laugh at my corny jokes - when everyone else thinks i'm just being plain corny. "how do you put an elephant into the fridge?"

9. She is motherly - very important la...a woman that wants to be a mother earns top point with me.

10. She makes me happy - always...

So how? Pass or not this meme?

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