Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Me, In Tri Suit

Thanks to Bacin's camera and (i suspect) Azman and Mary some other usual gang which took these, i can show you just how fat i am, and how dirty the water in a'famosa were.

With bacin in his Sugoi...

As you can see from the picture above, not only the tri suit is white, i can't hide my man boobs anymore in these.

With Azmar in the background, he bought one Kappa 4DM too

As i had said in the previous posting, the Kappa 4DM and the Kappa logo were coming out, that was why it was sold cheap. Seen in the pictures here is the brand and the model name still intact. The tri suit fits well, but like i said, i need to shed 5kg off, or someone will use these pics to use as "inspiration photo of fat people doing tri, so i can also do it"....

The next picture should surprise most of you that thinks how dirty the lake water could get. I was surprised myself. I wonder how much my gastrointestinal system had digested these free protein from the water of the A'Famosa lake. Could this be the reason why i didn't need any supplement/food during this race?

Coming out from water...heading to T1

Luckily the dirt/stain could be washed off from the suit. But i must say that the angle above was most flattering, no fat/love handle/man boobs were seen. hahahaahahahahah!

As i finished cycling and ran to T2, my best guess is Azman took these pictures as i pose for them. I was delirious, who won't? improved on the bike timing and found my phone back!

OK, maybe bad angle...

Like i said, the trisuit works really well. I've seen triatheltes putting sponges on their shouder straps because it's biting into their skin during Desaru races, I've seen some unzipping it down and running bare-torso-ed during the hot run. But i guess because mine is white, it is not as hot as it was compared to when i wore the free Teva tops like i did in Desaru. As the leg portion fitted nicely, there wasn't any chaffing as there is no thick padding restricting my fat thighs when it brushes against each other.

I think if i brush fast enough (ie run fast enough) i might create enough static to light up a 40watt bulb.

BAD Angle! don't ever bend to the side like this Stupe! Euwww!

The only finishing photo i have for this race and it was at such bad angle. hahahaha! My pants are getting tight. I no longer can fit into a 34 inch pants. I wonder if it is because i've laid off carrying weights. I made a mental note i had to stop trying to bulk up as carryign extra weight on the bike and run is not a very nice thing to do. So, i am trying to shed at least 5kg off before IM next year.

Thank you all, for putting up with the pictures above which i know, not really pleasant to look at. But admit it, It did shoed i had tonnes of fun, isn't it?

Till the next tri, which probably will be the one in PD (i will be skipping both Bukit Merah and Kenyir because of logistic and funding, have to save for IM next year), but i promise i will work extra hard during those weekend to stimulate the tri that i did not enter.

Now, if any of you ever drive around Damansara, Hartamas and Bukit Damansara area and see one fat slob on tri suit cycling, give me a hoot, chances are, it is me slogging it out!

Comparing Man Boobs with Bacin.

Edited: Results is out for AFT.
My official timing:
Swim: 37:20
Bike: 1:24:42
Run: 1:05:43
Total incl T1 and T2 : 3:07:45

I think i could dip below 3 hours if i didn't lose my phone, cam whore or stop to give kids in Machap a Hi-5!

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