Thursday, May 03, 2007

Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan...

I was sending my son to his granma house this morning at about 9am. As i was going exiting the tunnel which joins Damansara Perdana to LDP, there was a traffic police block.

One of their favourite place i reckon. Usually they catches people which fails to wear seatbelts, heavily tinted cars ,also driving with handphone and beating the red lights.

I've not seen anyone which were stopped sign any summons. I've not seen any police tears off any summons from their book.

Usually, they would have a men in blue (usually officer with pips on their shoulders) waiting on one end with a walkie and 3 or 4 men in white (usually wearing the yellow safety vest, covering their regimental number and name).

So, it's of no surprise to me when i see them. I know better to wear seat belt and not answer the phone while driving.

After dropping Ryan at his granma's place, i exited Bandar Utama via TV3. As it is usually not adviseable to take the short cut and try to merge with the traffic along LDP to escape the traffic light infront, i, as per usual, takes the traffic light route.

As i stopped at the traffic light, there was anohter police roadblock.

Same setup as the one at 9am.

Man in Blue near the underpass with men in white along the road

And it's the same team i supposed!

While i would not assume that they are "makan-ing", i still think the police force could be more productive than stand at these points for 30 minutes at least trying to nab traffic offenders. It is funny sometimes, especially so when someone driving at 140km/h on the highway, overtaking everyone and a police patrol car, but nothing is done. I see driving at speed exceeding the legal limit to be a bigger offence than say "being hauled up when the lights turn yellow".

Scene that will scares any motorcyclists

Now, how famous are we again when it comes to "giving-taking"??? Very. Very. Very.

A friend today sent me an online news clipping about an ongoing exercise in Spain, where the police are out to nab errant senior government officials from various local councils. The whole operation was code named:

"Operaci Malaya"

Now the Spain police comes out with that name can only makes me wonder just how corrupted we are, to be modelled and to have an Police Operation in Spain in honour of our country.

Operaci Malaya

It takes two to tango. So, the next time you think about bribing anyone, don't. Lets try to put a stop to this culture.

Wait up while i try to find out what it takes to secure the next project...

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