Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ryan in Port Dickson

Last Sunday to Tuesday, me, Wife, Ryan, Chit, Siew Peng(which from now will be known as LL1 and LL2 as in Leng Lui), Roland, Yen, Marvin and Auntie G went to Port Dickson for a shot holiday/break.

I went to PD hoping to do some secret training but the only training i got to do was a short 9km run from Ancasa to the Roundabout and back. I did not swim in the sea as much as i want to because the beaches at Pantai Lido (ie KM7-KM9) was not only filled with holiday makers but also by irresponsible Mat Rempit On Water aka those beachbums on Jet Skis.

They were whizzing up and down parallel to the beach, less than 30meters away from the sandbank.

If the local council/state government are wondering why PD is a dead town, maybe they should start by going to the beach themselves and seeing it.

Diapers strewn on the beach, plastic bags of rubbish piling up, beachfront stores which sells food discharging their waste directly into the sea/beach, couples camping on the beach displaying so much of PDA (Public Display of Affection) that it could make me blush, G-strings and lacey undergarment laid out to dry by their camps, women in black bra and white t-shirts swimming in the sea.

You name it. They got it all in PD.

Anyhow, i did manage to get a good 30minutes dip in the sea water. Nevermind the nuisance above, it's nothing compared to some public shooting/execution in US of A.

Now, before i even side tracked on what i wanted to write...*take deep breath*...

PD was enjoyable because of the good company we had.

Dinner was planned for Lukut town to taste the supposedly famous Chicken Curry Bun at Lucky Restaurant but it was given a miss as we do not want to risk ending up in KL looking for it. So, we helped ourselves with some seafood (ie Crabs) at one of the restaurant along the mainroad where local go and have their food.

It was alright as it cost us RM107 for 6 dishes and 7 adults (hungry) eating.

The highlight of Day 1 was actually LL2 brought along her breadmaker to make us some bread.

Measure water first. We are making Garlic Cheese Herb Bread

As Auntie LL2 shows above, she is simply to LL to show her face (but actually because shy la).

Breakfast for Day 2

LL2 brought along all the stuffs needed to make bread. The flour, the herbs, the oil, the yeast. You name it. The only extra thing we bought was yogurht. Supposely to make the bread a bit softer.

Put in Ms.Yogi and Ms. Honey

Then pour in some oil and get Stupe to open the flour mix

Pour in the flour and put in some mixed herbs

And Parsley, Sesame and Poppy seeds

And finally, the Yeast and some salt. Great View from the top eh?

next, you set the time delay so the machine will automatically make the bread...

Later that night, everyone gathered around the TV and watch some nonsensical TV show. House of Flying Daggers were on TV and so is anohter Chinese show. But nothing made us laugh louder when we saw the mandarin Version of Deal or No Deal, which when the player and host spoke, was meant as Sell or No Sell...

Yes, it was lame. We had fun trying to figure out what each of the contestant does for a living. We came to the conclusion that the winner that night that brought back RM50k is actually a handphone seller because every inch of him oozes that. Doesn't help with him having a friend by the name of JASOND (instead of the usual Jason...) that has a Nokia Communicator strapped on his belt...

Everyone laughed and slept.

As Day 2 wasn't a holiday (Monday, 30th April), Auntie G and Yen had to go back to work in KL. So, they woke up and drove themselves back to KL. Only to return much later in the evening.

Everyone woke up smelling the aroma of the Garlic Cheese Bread that Auntie LL2 made...

Fu Yoh

While the rest of the people slept, i went to do my secret training which had me running only for 9km to and fro. I then went to buy pakets of nasi lemak for much for running and working out...

Later than afternoon, we all went to Melaka for food (now it all sounded more like i trained my tummy and had an early carbo loading ahead of Bukit Merah Tri this weekend). Wanted to go to Kelvin's parent's place for food but the majority decided that they didn't want to walk that far as we were on the other end of Jonker...

Ryan in his sun hat

Ryan was having loads of fun seeing everything around him As it was hot and sunny, I bought him a bottle of sunblock (Baby Block by Banana Boat) with SPF50. Even with the sunblock, check out how red his cheek was above!

Later that evening, as we came back from Melaka, we decided to bring Ryan to the pool.

Don't take pics of me naked!

I tell you, this son of mine took to water like he was born in it. Maybe because baby has no fear, they aren't scared to begin with. He naturally floats as i put him in the water (i hold him la, his legs goes up either behind or infront).

He splashes the water like he was swimming and once or twice he actually put his head into the water! He drank some water from the pool, choke, cough but did not cry...and he was enjoying it.

Looks like Ryan will see the swimming pool more often from now on. Hooray!

That night, we went to PD town for more seafood, this time, costing about the same amount for more than 7 dishes. Not too bad! I guess as long as we stay away from tourist joint and settle for food where locals eat, we are pretty ok. :)

Later that night, it was more TCSS session until everyone konked out one by one. We secretly hope that they will be anohter Deal Or No Deal coming on the TV that night.

Day 3 was more of a do what you like day. Roland ran the beach, which was about 2km. Auntie G, LL1, Marvin, Yen, Roland, LL2 all went to the beach for a dip. Me, Ryan and wifey decided to let Ryan sleep a bit longer before taking him to the beach.

Watcha looking at?

We checked out at 1pm and headed to Seremban for some Hakka Mee at Tow Kee Hakka Mee Restaurant. It was pretty hard to locate as it was hidden. First timer will have problem looking for it. The Hakka mee was good. The portion big for RM3.20 and it wasn't soggy despite being soaked in some clear broth.

Dude, where's my mee?

We all went home after lunch and rested. Thank God the next day was still a holiday!

Thank you to LL1, LL2, Roland, Auntie G, Marvin and Yen for the wonderful time in PD. It was a good escape from KL and it was definately a good Labour Day break!

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