Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Vegetarian Restaurant Review : Ring Zhi, Kepong

When it comes to vegetarian restaurant, i know everyone would think that they serves nothing but dough. Or vegetarian food is not filling. Or why eat the fake thing when the real thing is even yummier.

My dad's family is permanent vegetarian since the 1970's. Partly due to religion as they practices the teaching of Tao.

Today, in conjunction of my sis' birthday, and yesterday, to celebrate with her, all of us went to Ring Zhi VEgetarian Restaurant in Metro Prima Kepong. Yes, that is where the Jusco Kepong and Carrefour Kepong is.

Sorry, can't read chinese

This is my family's usual place if we decide to eat out. This restaurant is actually not new when it comes to experiences and food served. Believe this or not, half the staffs were from Chameleon Vegetarian Restaurant from Jalan Syed Putra (ie near The Mall) and the other half is from the vegetarian restaurant at SS2, near the Rothman roundabout (forgot the name la...sorry It's called Nanking Court!!!).

Best thing about this place is the food quality and the price.

Dad ordered the food as we usually let him do so since he is full time vegetarian. Because it's my sis' birthday, he ordered the 4 Season dish.

Ham, Fu Chok, fishballs, shredded "fake" eggs

The food is fresh and it's yummy. We gobbled up everything, as usual.

As we weren't asking for the set meal, all the food came at once. There were vegetarian curry filled with all the things that there should be in a vegetarian curry.

Spicy, sweet and served in Claypot

We also had the Yam Basket...

sister divided the yam before i could snap the pic

It was filled with vegetables and cashew nuts...the yam was fried just nice and wasn't oily.

Dad ordered a fried fish dish as well. It's fake fish, for your info. Some vegetarian i spoke too regard fish as vegetarian dish.

Fried fish in sesame and sweet soy sauce

The fish was fried just nice with the skin crunchy and the inner part juicy. It's made of soya sheets (fu chok) with seaweed as it's skin.

And how could any dinner be complete without a green vegetable?

Steamed Kai Lan

The 5 dishes above were more than enough for the 6 of us plus my small cousin. They have the option for brown rice if you want to be healthier with our choices. Since there were so much dishes, me and wifey ended up sharing one serving of rice and we ate the dishes more. Attempt to reduce starchy food.

Yeap, it's futile, vegetarian food are mostly made from high protien flour/soya product, so, essentially, the carb content are pretty high too. So, there goes my whole attempt to lose weight. It's really futile at that point of time, with the food stuck into your face like the pics above.

Because it was my sis' birthday, we had cake for dessert. The cake was bought from a bakery near my mum's house in Gombak called Pistachio Bakery. It was light sponge cake covered with fruits. LIght and yummy!

Aiyer...so many candles!!!

The bill came up to RM76 for the food (5 dishes), tea per person is standard RM1/pax and the rice came up to RM4 as dad opted for the brown rice which cost RM1/bowl. Total bill was RM86 and we all went back happy. Infact, we've never spend more than RM100 for any meals in Ring Zhi, each time we have dinner there, there will be a minimum of 6 person and at least 5 dishes!

With good food and good company, anyone would be happy!

Yeah, i sorta let myself go and ate more than i should, afterall, i'm already fat, can't fight them, so, might as well, join them!

The Map to Ring Zhi

Next month will be my parent's birthday, mum indicated she wants to eat Seafood. But since my dad is vegetarian, he will only have to be happy to SEE Food. Hahahahah!

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