Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Noodle Maker

Everyone in Malaysia should be familiar with this sort of noodle maker. The usual one where the Pan Mee seller has, and the same one your mum might have in the kitchen.

Noodle Maker

When i posted a foodie entry about the Sate Celup with the picture of the home made noodle, hokkien style (Lor Mee, minus the dark sauce) which looks like this:


i did promise that i will post the mean machine that was used to produce the noodle above and it looked like this:

Small kuci...

And may i now, present to you, the machine that my granma has...which is 50% bigger than the one u see above...

Green with Envy or not?

When i was growing up and whenever granma needs a hand in turning those big handle to produce kilos after kilos of noodles for fesitivities, i would be roped in. There is a reason why my parents fed me so well. It is so i could help turn those wheels.

I've always have this fear that my finger will get stuck in between those 4 inch diameter metal roller. Granma would knead the dough, then pass it through the rollers.

Then she would knead it further and pass it through again. process is repeated a few times and then the roller would be brought closer together and the dough squeezed through again. it usually takes about 45 minutes to complete, sometimes an hour, depending if Granma wants to make the thicker noodle or the thinner noodle.

I bet with my current strength and build, i could perhaps finish making the noodle for her in record time!

enough to crush any fingers...

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