Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Yip gave me a link where it works a bit better than Google Earth as they will also show the elevation of the running, biking or Tri course.

All you need to do is sign up at MapMyRun and you have access to the MapMyBike and MapMyTri as well. Not too bad.

Only limitation i see is the Google Earth satelite image not being up to date. But as with all free software and services, who am i to complain???

MapMyRun allows me to save the route as training or even race route. Not too bad. it is like some online training/racing log book.

I've entered one entry into the MapMyRun using the to and fro route i took last Monday for the 14/15km run i did.

MapMyRun computed it to be 14.57km instead of 14.41km on Google Earth.

Not bad eh?

As most of you that read my blog know, the info above is not entirely accurate because i ran through the tunnel. As with Google Earth, the disparity will come at the portion where the tunnel is.

If you look at the elevation bar, you will see that i started at 59m above sea level, ran up and down 7 peak ranging from 70meters to 110meters. Which could i possibly consider this as hill workout?

The red line is the estimated elevation in the tunnel (between KM4-5 and KM 8.8-KM10.5) which also essentially shows that i might had ran a longer distance because i could not map the proper route inside the tunnel.

Thanks Yip, for the lead to this website!

Menu for today - Run to gym and ...err...continue running on the treadmill?

Edited: My subcon that is supposed to be here 2 hours ago is still not here but on his way. There goes my run to the gym.

Please visit Shazly's blog. He just started one today and it's aptly called because he is a proud father of 4 kids!

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