Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I wasn't really feeling up to it, maybe because the Kopi Peng i drank for lunch and the fishball noodle which i ate kinda make me feel rahter...fishy.

Head was a bit light, maybe because of the caffiene, as i seldom drink coffee to start with, i thought taking one mid afternoon would get me in some mood for some fast run.

Initial plan was to run to Gym and meet wifey there, but she couldn't go as she went to MNH at Curve with LL2. Market survey la, they say.

So, i am left with no choice but to run the full distance from Home to Gym and Back.

First time i ran this distance, i clocked in 1:36:40, second time around i did a 1:30:42. And yesterday, i did a 1:25:47!

Return Ticket - 14.57km

It seems that when i think i'm running out of juice, the juice keep coming. I must admit i pushed harder than i usually did as i started the run pretty late at almost 6:15pm. By the time i reached Hartamas, it was already gonna be 7pm.

And the best bit? i ran a fast 40:25 from Home to the U-Turn!!! That is just almost as good as my best 7.24km run timing!!!

One way :7.24km

It doesn't help when Tommy Page's A Shoulder To Cry On came on in the Shuffle when i was running in the tunnel towards Hartamas. Thank god for the traffic drowning out his singing and i just pretend it was Guns & Roses doing the cover version of Tommy Page's song.

Because the traffic was really heavy as it was circa the time when everyone goes back home after work, the tail wind from the incoming traffic inside the tunnel was really strong, i swore it felt like running between some valley where the wind could lift you up and throw you back.

Personal Best? or could it be better?

So, yes, i did a 1:25:47 yesterday. And i'm damn proud of it. Best thing was when i weight myself this morning, i'm down to 79.5kg. Can't be the water weight i lost through sweat as right after i reached home, i drank a full 1.5liter of water before dinner and then as me and wifey watched Miami Ink, i drank another 1.5liter.

Anohter plus point is that i burned up 1857 cal, which is good. More calorie deficit, more weight i shalt lose!

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