Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Highly Charged!!!

Not entirely sure why i was full of energy yesterday, despite not having lunch (yes la, save money and to lose weight) i ran from home to gym in 41 minutes (against traffic), which was a good 3 minutes improvement over the previous attempt and a good 10 minutes from the first attempt.

Ran right into Gym and headed straight to the threadmill and ran anohter 5km in 28minutes. So, i covered a total of 12km yesterday in 1hour 9mins.

Soon after that, i went straight to the weight section and did bench press, shoulder press, military press, bicep curls, tricep push ups and lateral raise.

Then i went to the Hammer Strength machine and did a total back workout...

And i still had the energy.

So, i went on to do crunches, to 2 songs' duration.

No pain in leg, no pain in upper body. Just very very pleasant feeling.

I almost wanted to take the bike out for a 30km ride but wife reminded me that we got something to do later that night....

And that got me excited all over!!!!

Stay tuned for that "something exciting"!!!

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