Thursday, May 17, 2007

Good Average On Bike? NOT!

Went for a quick spin yesterday evening. Felt like ages since i last set my butt on the saddle.

Since time was a factor here, i decided to do a short 20km ride. Only way to make up for the 10km less which i usually clock is to ride FASTER. So, i took the usual 30KM route MINUS the climb up Bukit Damansara.

I pumped in 120psi of air onto both tyres and i noticed my front tyre are disentergrating. Maybe because i put my bike on the balcony and the sun does nasty things to the tyres. Maybe because since i bought the bike from Heckler, i did not change the front tyre as it was still in good condition, but he did cautioned me that the front tyre was replaced many many many years ago...

Being a triathelte on budget, i need to save up as much as i could as the entry fee for future races are just getting more and more expensive. A'Famosa was RM60, then Bukit Merah came in at Rm70, PD is RM90, Desaru is at least RM120...

Shazly is trying to sell his Louis Garneau, complete with full Ultegra parts and Durace STis and Wheelsets for RM5000. The bike comes complete with all Easton parts as well and Fizik saddle. I would buy it if i had the money. But sadly, i don't.

Can see...can touch...kenot own...

So, i cranked and cranked i did. Aerobar-ed 80% of the way and getting good average speed. Infact i pushed myself like i never did pushed before.

Only to be dissapointed.

Managed only a 31.6km/h average and covered 22km in 42minutes. Max speed was 61.5km/h by pedaling furiously down the tunnel.

I guess my own expectation is way too high. I thought i could churn out 22km in say, 35minutes max...but i guessed i'm too woss to acheive that. Looks like i need more time on the bike, road and water.

Then, me and wifey decided to walk to Tesco and back. That should give us a good 5km of walk. Parents was over at my place for dinner, so best not to go to gym because of timing.

Later that evening, me and wifey made 1 bread for my mum to bring home. Doing this seems to took away some frustration of my average speed away...

White bread laden with herbs and all the work la.

Forgot to put sugar in, which explain why the crust is not even light brown.

Then we did one more wholemeal bread for ourselves...

This is how it should look like...with yeast in middle...

Now the price per loaf of bread produced is RM140. Got to continue making it to lessen the

This time turned out nicely...

And no, we did not take Azman's advice and put in Tongkat Ali....hahahahahahaha!

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