Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This Got Me Excited...

My last posting might had caused some of you to have some naughty thoughts about what wifey had to offer me, that i decided to ditch the 30km bike ride in lieu for.

You are right, not everyday would someone like me decide NOT to do any physical activities at a drop of the pin for anything, weather permitting of course.

"want to do or not?", wifey asked me.

Bugger, no need ask also MUST DO la.

"Can also", i said, trying to hide my excitement.

"Don't want nevermind one wor", she poked, sheepishly.

So, i took it out....

She was amazed by the size....

"so compact", she says...

"good thing comes in small sizes, darling", i said.

"take it out and show me", she hurried me.

So i took it out...and for the first time, i'm gonna show all of you this...and i promise, this won't be the last you all will see this...



What were all of you thinking of?

Áfter Siew Peng aka LL2 made us a bread in PD, me and wifey decided to get one as well. We gotten a newer model from Kenwood (BM250) for a bargain. OKla, i admit, i did calculate for wifey that the breadmaker cost will allow us to buy 210 loaves of Gardenia white bread, which will most probably last us about 630 days (3 days for a loaf, on average). But that is besides the point.

Anyway, we made our first bread yesterday from scratch. Decided to make a 750gram loaf.

Weighed in 450Grams of high protien flour, mixing it with 240ml of skim milk (or low fat), then add in butter, thyme, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, poppy seeds,herbs, raisins, yoguhrt, salt and finally yeast.

Using the bread maker was really easy. here is a rough step by step guide.

1. Choose MENU. There is a total of 12 inbuild menu for this breadmaker. From basic white bread to making dough for pasta. We set it to white bread. The timer says it will take 3hours 8 mins to make the moment we press start.

2. Choose SIZE. There is 3 sizes to choose from, Small(500gram), Medium(750gram) and Large(1kg). We are going for MEDIUM.

3. Choose COLOUR. We are making PINK bread. OK, i'm just joking. The colour here correspond to the crumbs/skin colour. There is 3 choices, Light, Medium and Dark. Some people love the bread skin to be darker, we like ours lighter (same reason why i would sometime go through loaves of bread on the shelves to find the lightest coloured one, even though i know the whole baking process is controlled in factory..LOL)

4. Choose DELAY TIMER. You can start making it straight, Bread will be ready in 3hours 8minutes. Apaprently the 8minutes is the build in timer just incase someone switched off the power supply while the bread is in the process of, you got 8minutes before the machine restart and you have to wonder if the dough taste as good as the end product. :) But in this case, we decided that we wanted the bread to be ready by 7am. The time when i set the machine was at 12am. So, i set the delay timer to 7hours...meaning the bread will be ready by then (so, in actualy fact, 7-3 is 4hours delay....)

Making the bread is really easy. As long as you can differentiate between sugar and salt, i guess you are more than ready to bake a bread for yourself to eat with this BreadMaker.

The possibilities are endless, LL2 has experimented with putting cheese, bacon, turkey ham and anything edible into her bread and it turned out fine. Being free from preservatives, home baked bread must be consumed within 3 days. Hardly a problem as we do eat a loaf every 3 days.

All ingredient in their places

I was told that the most important ingredient, the yeast must be placed in a dry place inside the mix, or else ugly things will happen, like they will turn into bad gremlins after midnight.

We did not want to take a chance with it, so, i digged a hole at the corner of the mix, where it's dry and the milk below doesn't seep through, and placed the yeast there.

Then, i placed the whole thingy into the breadmaker, close the lid and kneel down and prayed so it would turn out fine the next day.

With nothing else to do but to wait for the bread to be ready the next morning, me and wifey went to bed. Excited.

The next morning (ie this morning), i woke up, anticipating to see the bread. But i only woke up at 8.30am, usually i would be woken up by 8am as Ryan needs his milk. Raining mah, so Ryan also sleep through the rain. :)

Wifey went to check on the bread and say that it looked great!


OK, it looked great when it was fully fluffed. What happened was we used half teaspoon more of yeast than we should. We followed the recipe to the T but i guess we forgot we got ourselves the easy use yeast...which we should only use ONE teaspoon. This has caused the bread to RAISE up HIGH...then losing feel back down...LOL.

But still, it's the first bread ever made in our Home!

I guess everything is trial and error, there is only room for improvement.

Here is how it looked like

Soft and Moist...

I had 3 slices of it this morning, by the time we left the house to work, there is only half a loaf left.

And with that, whatever weigh i lost after the run and gym work yesterday, i believe, has since been packed back into my body. Now i need to lose 6kg.


PS - Desparil, PG13 right?
Ishsal - were you expecting MORE?

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