Friday, May 04, 2007

AimPromote CRM Software

*This is a sponsored posting*

customer relationship management. A mere mention of this few words will remind us of the telemarketers which calls you to promote their products or services.

Now, just how do they do it? To call, track and make sense of whatever they managed to get (information) from you? The whole process is what a CRM Software does.

Aimpromote is one such company that offers small and medium business a lower implimentation cost to start their CRM and it could even intergrate with their system at your website.

It has no start up fees and they have tonnes of features that comes with the software.

Infact, they are offering a 14 days free trial on the full capacity of the software!

So, don't wait no more, don't let the marketing oppurtunity fly past again!

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