Tuesday, May 29, 2007

HIIT Again

Every once in a while, i would do some HIIT.

Only this time, i decided to do 2 sets of 5km each.

First set:
1km - 9.0km/h
1km - 11.0km/h
800m - 9.5km/h
800m - 11.5km/h
400m - 11.0km/h
400m - 12.0km/h
200m - 11.5km/h
200m - 12.5km/h
100m - 12.0km/h
100m - 15.0km/h

Time taken was : 27min 33 Seconds

Then immediately after the first set, i went on to the second set without resting.

Set Two
100m - 9.5km/h
100m - 10.0km/h
200m - 9.5km/h
200m - 10.5km/h
400m - 10.0km/h
400m - 11.0km/h
800m - 10.5km/h
800m - 11.5km/h
1km - 12.0km/h
1km - 11.5km/h

Time taken was : 27 Mins 32 Seconds.

Total Cal burned: 918

Checked with LBS, bike won't be ready until Thursday. Itching to ride.

Read about Bacin's adventure in Kenyir here : Bacin's Report

Menu for today : Run to Gym. Wife not going to Gym, so it's long run for me today, Home to Gym and back Home. Yay!

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