Monday, May 28, 2007

PayPerPost Direct - Getting Paid For Blogging, Only Better!

Bloggers everywhere knows just how little (and vunerable) Adsense could get. They clutter up your blog and makes it look like some classified site and pays you peanut. And when you thought you could smile knowing that you earned USD12.50, they would ban/bar you and give excuse that they detected fraud clicking on your site, eventhough it's not your doing.

The along came services like PayPerPost, ReviewMe, Blogvertise etc etc which gives blogger which blogs a purpose to keep blogging.

I must admit that i subscribe to all 3 of them but nothing beats PayPerPost when it comes to oppurtunities to review services/blogs/website.

Most of my blogging earning comes from PayPerPost and i have the freedom to review what i want.

I've written some reviews for Blogvertise as well, but they are not as flexible as i'm only allowed to write what they want me to write and it's kinda restricting because i do not want to write about online poker game or anything like that!

ReviewMe on the other hand has some different way of paying blogger. Bloggers has to BID to write reviews and they have to see if the advertisers wanted them to write it. I've YET to write anything for ReviewMe, let alone get paid.

Now, if you think that sounds fair, how about if i tell you that competitors like ReviewMe takes some of your earning? Say, for a USD10 write up, they might take up to USD4.50 and leave you with USD5.50 to pocket. High overheads!

No, that's daylight robbery. You do the hard work, they host the site, advertisers has to pay for BOTH your income and THEIR income.

Not fair at all.

PayPerPost will launch a new service, similiar to what Competitors like ReviewMe has. Only different is they will only take 10% off from what you will earn. So, for a USD10 posting, you will get USD9.00. Of which, part of the 10% will be used to offset the expensive transfer and creditcard charges.

This new service will be called PayPerPost Direct. Check them out here and here.

With such competitive packages being offered by PayPerPost, it's only a matter of time others will try to match each other. The winner at the end of the day would be us, the bloggers and the advertisers, as they could reach their targeted audience better!!!

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