Monday, May 28, 2007

Of Run, Pension, Wild Boar and Kenyir

With my bike at Local Bike Shop (LBS) for overhauling. Thanks to Geoff K as he gave me his loved parts from his De Rosa for my Colnago. Pictures will come soon when i ge the bike, pimped up with mixture fo Ultegra and Duraces parts. It do come as a morale booster, especially so after weeks of frustrating turns of events which kinda leave me with not much mood to blog.

Overhaulin' the Bike to look like this?

He did not ask for anything except to "help make the world a greater place", so, taking his cue, i will give away the parts which will be replaced by the parts that Geoff gave me to another person which i know will appreciate and love it. I hope he will make good use of it as well.

When you bike is out of service, what would you do to train?

I run.

On Saturday i ran from Home to Hartamas and back Home again. Covering a good 14km at least. Same route as i did before and instead of a 1Hour 36Min , i did a 1Hour 30Min, despite not feeling really good about the run (on the journey there, i kinda felt lethargic...). But i did pushed myself on the return journey. I clocked in at 46minutes on the journey there.

Aiya...what else, run la

Time: 1:30:46
Distance: +/-15km
Average HR : 154
Max HR: 175
Kcal : 1980

On Saturday, The paper too talked about Retirement and Pesnion. How many of us are ready for it? RM500K in 20 years time (that is about the time i would be retiring) would only be valued at RM125k at most. With 6% inflation and cost of living going higher, it seems that one need to strike it really big within the next 10 years if he/she do not want to worry about digging into the ground to look for money.

Already started...teh Tarik to cost 10 sen more...

The paper too says that on the average, a Malaysian, married, with 2 kids, a house and a car to finance would require RM5k to survive. How many in my age group are earning that kind of cash? OK, maybe not me, so, maybe that is why i could relate to it. But seriously, it's not a laughing matters and even at 55 years old, i might still have to work my ass off to send my kids to college/university.

That worries me. Does it worries you?

Talking about worries, remember the Toman which i say would gobble Bacin up at Kenyir? Turn out that we have bigger things to be worried about.

Some of you might had read the news yesterday in The Star and NST about how big a wild boar could get. I mean, come one, get real, wild boar bigger than a car? Is it a Hogzilla or a HOAX-zilla?

You all be the judge

Old Mac Donalds had a farm...

Apparently, the above image is not the only one which one could find when one search for Giant Wild Boar. It seems that in US of A, there is a lot of these running around. Could it be some GM food or US of A is experimenting with genetic engineering to custom build some kick ass War-Hog like Lord of the Ring?

And in his farm he had some pigs...

See what i meant? Only in US of A. Then again, World Series (baseball) is only played in US of A and Japan...hahahahahahah!

Malaysia, not to be missed out, also got big as human somemore...

The MCPs - Mohd Said Yusof and Mokhtar Radin

See what i meant, Malaysia Boleh. Remember, it's you, voters, which voted for them in the first place. So, don't call them any other names as they reflects on you.

Lastly, yesterday was Kenyir Tri, which i did not go. Shazly finished the course in 3hours 15minutes. I might had done a bit slower. So, again, i consider myself not sub-3 hours as yet. Zabil was at Bintan to do Bintan Tri and he came out in the paper yesterday in The Star!

Tuan Kapitan!

Read more about the Kenyir Race at Jaja's blog. Bacin still have not update his yet. See if i had raced yesterday, rest assured there will be a report out by now. :)

I will be heading to gym with wifey today. Not gonna run on the highway today as i'm afraid it might rain. Furthermore, i still have about a year left of membership in the gym i go to, so, might as well make full use of it before it expire.

I'm still weighing about 82kg as of this morning. I'm still fat.

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