Thursday, May 31, 2007


Just a day after i posted the Dirty Dozen and gotten suggestion from the Pipot Gang, to be more specific, Dr. Azman, I too, decided to try something out.

How about mixing PowerBar with my bread?

Why not?

I have like 7 or 8 PowerBar in the freezer, some nearing expiry date, since i'm not going to eat it, i might as well use it.

The Bar

I also got some milk meant for breast feeding mother, which wifey did not finish because the vanilla smell was overwhelming for her when she was pregnant.

The Milk

I got loads of pysillium husk as well, so, this will be a bread high in fiber and high in energy.

The Husk

And this three will go in to create one of the most nutritious food one can ever find. Or so i think.

The other Ingredients

I'm replacing the sugar with Honey, skipping the oil and put in just a lil butter, skipping the salt as well to make it a healthy choice.

Set the breadmaker to Menu 1, crust to be lightest and weight to be 750gram (a tip by LL2 as she say the extra kneading and rising will make it softer) when i'm actually using only amount for a 500gram bread.

I cut the PowerBar with a kitchen scissor into slightly smaller than bite size. Added Raisins in and set the bread maker to start making the bread.

PowerBar getting jiggy with Raisin

3hours and 28 mintues later, this is what i got as the bread finished baking. The Kitchen was filled with Vanilla smell. The bread looked Great!

Nicely risen!

Left for the bread to cool overnight and we proceed to make Bread Number 14, which wifey put in what she wants in the pan.

This is how the PowerBread looked like when it's cut

Where is the Bar???

The heat must had melted all the PowerBar bits, as there isn't any which are clearly visible. I only found one which looked like what i would think is a bit of PowerBar, and it just might be the same one which was stuck with the raisin in the picture above.

See not???The brown brown in colour one...

The bread is definately softer than the usual one we made, perhaps because the extra kneading and rising did help. Bandit will be given some of the bread to try, lets see what he says after this.

Yummyliciously Powered!

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