Friday, June 01, 2007

Fast Run and Pimped Bike

What is a fast run? To the Kenyans, they might walk faster than my miserly 10km/h pace.

Don't believe? Check out Chasing Kimbia (Thanks Yip for the lead).

The could finish a Marathon in 2hours 15min, max...that is like running at an average of 18km/h minimum and that is the speed which i'm going when i'm climbing the Pencala Highway on my BIKE!

But my 10km/h pace, if i may compare, to some couch potato, i'm like the hero they would worship.

My whole point is, speed is relative, subjective even. Of course it would be nice to run at blistering pace (where even when the camera set at very high shutter speed, you would appear to be a blur), so far, my personal best timing for 10km run is at 48 minutes, which i did 2 years back in Subang 10K, which even caught wifey by surprise as she wasn't expecting me to come in that fast. And no, i did not take any shortcut.

USJ area to me is like putting a tourist in the middle of Kuala Lumpur; i will get lost.

Yesterday, in my bid to be a Kenyan wannabe (actually, i still want to be a Maori, fast, big and strong like those rugby players...can stick tongue out long long), i did what i would believe a speed training.

I decided to skip running to Gym and drove there with wifey.

I started the run at 9km/h for a good 500meters, then up the notch to 10km/h, then to 11km/h, then to 12km/h. By the time i covered 2.5km, i was pacing at 12.5km/h; something i'm not used to and would actually try to slow down.

But yesterday, because of some unforseen circumstances, i had some renewed power as Barry White's You're First, The Last, My Everthing came on playing. It's like anti-thesis, an oldies as some motivational song? I must had loved myself too much!

BY the time i passed 3km mark, i up it to 13km/h and the final km was done in a 14km/h (at this time, i was like running some 100meter race, only slower) and i sprint to finish 5km with 300meters left at 15km/h.

Sounds like interval training eh? Only difference i did was that instead of slowing down like i usually do between the set, i just went faster..and faster.

I finished the 5km with an average speed of 11.3km/h and within 25mins 35 seconds, burning 465kcal.

The feeling?

Well, i know the Kenyans would laugh at me when they read this, but i know, somewhere, someone is actually worshipping me for my feat.

And that someone could only be myself.

OK. On a more serious matter, the real speed training actually goes something like this HERE.

I've also just collected my Colnago. Yes it's officially Pimped, thanks to Geoff K. I had the Ultegra brakes, STI, FD and the Durace RD installed. I can't get the crank to go in as the BB is British and my bike's an Italian (does this mean that my Steel Baby IS a classic Colnago???).

I'm now armed with 9 speed (which i'm actually thinking if it will be any good, considering my biking is so-so) and a new grip which the LBS charged me pretty expensive for. Also changed were all the cables (RM60 for 4) and a brand new set of ball bearings as the one in my Italian BB has worn off (RM10)

Total cost is RM175. Yes, it burned a hole in my pocket, almost costing me as much as the bike itself. I managed to find ways to transfer my hard earned review money from PayPal (thank you Iqbal!) and i will get some cash to offset this. Shy to say, i had to borrow from wifey first for this transplant. She's supportive. Very Infact.

Hin Tong also just called me up to ask if registered from IronMan 2008. Coyly i say yes and he offered to give me advices and perhaps even train with me (ie torture) so that i will be able to manage the first IM and finish it.

Again, it's no joke to swim 3.8, bike 180 and run 42 back to back, Triatheltes are definately a different set of human and i'm proud to be associated with them!

Will post the pic of my pimped up ride next week! Meanwhile, weekend is here, happy training and happy resting!

Late Barry White - dedicated to my wife and my bike

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