Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tagged: 7 Random Things About Me

Just like Faie, i don't usually do tags, unless it's requested by close friends.

And since Wendy is a close compadre...here goes...

1. When i was growing up, my ambition was to be a postman, policeman and fire man.

2. Then someone told me that postman only gets to ride motorbike, policeman get killed chasing thieves and fireman get burned alive. So i then realigned my ambition to be a pilot, a doctor and an engineer (what, we are allowed to choose 3 ambitions in the form what....)

3. I wanted to build my own plane, fly the plane to some small area and give medical aid.

4. My mum always ask me to study hard, or i will end up working as shit collector. You know, back then, you literally shit into a bucket and someone comes to collect the shit...26 years later, i told my mum that i'm doing shit business, yes, treatment plants...study so hard also still deal with shit!

5. I cried when my mum gave away the multiple open-able pencil box that was given to me on my birthday to someone else.

6. I want to have at least 5 kids, but i think my wife wants only 2. Should i sabotage her plan?

7. I feel fat all the time because i grew up as a fat boy.

I'm not gonna tag anyone. But feel free if you want to do this!


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