Monday, June 04, 2007

Home Made Popiah and Bubur Cha-Cha

After a 60km of cycling with the guys. I went home and my family came over.

Mum decided to make popiah, the good old way my late granpa used to make. We bought the popiah skin from Mr. Chong which operate the vegetarian stalls at Blue Boy Mansion.

As my dad is a vegetarian, all the items you see below is purely vegetable based, there isn't even any onion or garlic. The Sengkuang, or Turnips are cooked with carrot to add to the already sweet turnip.


How do you wrap a popiah?

Even my small cousin knows how ok!

I'm exposed to popiah wrapping at a very young age. Thanks to my late paternal granpa which does this like almost every other month. It's cheaper to make and eat at home, the price of a popiah is about RM1.20 each now and you have no idea what they put inside, some are generous with the stuff they put in, some are simply, well, stingy.

Step 1

Firstly, you spread the popiah skin on a plate or any flat surface, then you place a leafy green, in this case, a lettuce on on end and spread sweet sauce on it. In this case, the sweet sauce is actually made from soya sauce. Other variant might have non vegetarian sauce as it might be made from fish/seafood extract.

Step 2

Then, you put sliced cucumber and taugeh on the lettuce, moderation is the key here. Too much and your Popiah will burst out it's skin. Not a pretty sight as you would then be eating some Rojak looking popiah.

Popiah Terlampau

You see, my sis got over excited with the popiah wrapping that she put in extra of everything and ended up with the popiah bursting as he took the first bite into it. Moderation, remember, MODERATION!

Step 3

You then put sliced fried eggs, sliced tofu, diced long bean and sprinkle some peanuts on top...looked delicious eh?

Step 4

Lastly spread the sengkuang evenly on top of the stuff you put on just now. Next will be the determining factor if your popiah wrapping skill is good, or bad.

Step 5

You need to tuck all the ingredient in on the first fold as you wrap the skin over it. This is the most important step as any wrapping which is loose will result with an ugly flat popiah.

Step 6

When that is done, you flip both the sides of the skin and hold it in place as you wrap the final step up.

Step 7

See, how easy it is???

And when you take a bite into the freshly wrapped would just salivate like how i am i'm writing this...

My big mouth flatten the whole popiah...YUMMY!

Popiah wasn't the only thing that happened on Saturday, mum made some dessert as well and on the menu is the ever delicious Bubur Cha-Cha. Filled with Yam, Sweet potatoes and Sago, bolied in coconut milk...

Sinful and i gave myself excuse that i burned 2300 Kalorie riding 60km that i deserves this!!!

Ah Boi, dont' eat fast, hot!

Finishing the last kopek of Glutonious Chicken aka Loh Mai Kai...

And here is a totally irrelevant picture which got nothing to do with this entry, but i am putting it up because i can.

Blackmail picture...hahahahaha

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