Friday, June 29, 2007

Cancer Scare

This morning, i brought my MIL to see Doc at UH.

Called him up by 7.45am to tell him i'm in the vicinity and he told me tell the front desk that i want to see him, specifically.

My MIL's left eardrum has ruptured for sometime, causing infection if she isn't careful and get water into her ear canal. As we all know, the Ear, Nose and Throat are all connected. So, her ear infection has caused her to have sore throat as well, due to the inflow of mucus down the throat when she lie down/sleep. This is something i learnt from both Dr. Hisyam and Dr. Amir when i had a bout of bad viral infection a year plus ago.

We registered, paid the RM30 and took a number. Within 20minutes, Doc called for our number and in we went.

Routine check on the ear reveal that there is loads of pus inside the left ear, as per what he saw when he was attached to the hospital in Klang.

He then check her right ear.

"Auntie, any history in the family with cancer?", doc asked.

"yes, my mother", MIL answered. I could clearly see she was starting to worry...

"The eardrum is retracted inside towards your middle ear, and there is a small hole which appears to be healing compared to the last time i saw you", Doc explained

"we go to the microscope room first", Doc added.

So, we went out of Room 2 and headed to the microscope room. MIL was made to lie down and a few apparatus were used and the pus from both ears sucked out.

Loads of it. I could clearly see it as it was shown on the monitor which was attached to the microscope itself. Doc proceed to clean her middle ear as well (Ear Drum no more, it's all the way through).

Ear's Anatomy

After that, we went back to doc's room and was later told that he need to check for more things.

"auntie, i need to scan you for nose cancer la", doc broke the news.

"You see, the eardrum on your left side is retracted, meaning there might be a blockage in the passage which connects to your nasal passage. It might be because of recurring infection and it might be cancer. Chinese are prone to nasal cancer, unfortunately, so, we need to scan to make sure things are a-ok", doc explained.

"Don't worry mum, doc just looking for excuse to use some expensive machine", i jested, hoping to make her feel a bit better.

So, we followed the nurse to another room with different apparatus.

"Auntie, you can see the screen as i insert the scope into your nasal passage", Doc told MIL.

It doesn't help with the scope being a good 25cm long and my MIL thought doc will shove the whole length in. I assured her just a few inches in.

As doc probe deeper into the nasal passage, i could very well see how worried my MIL was.

Inside the Nasal Passage

"It's ok auntie, you're cleared of any cancer, it might just be infection which caused the eardrum to retract", Doc said.

I could see MIL smile.

The nasal passage' picture above was of my MIL's. The huge piece of thingy there is the "check valve" that connects to the throat, the very same one which when you vomit, food comes out from. This is also the very same passage which will let the mucus flows into your throat.

The worry that doc has is that the hole on the furthest left is blocked, which could had been cancerous. Now that all orifices are cleared, MIL could literally breath with a sigh of relief.

And yeah, her hearing came back after the tonnes of pus being sucked out of her ears.

Thanks Doc, for the very personal service!

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